A cooperation to drive battery modelling and aging prediction with artificial intelligence

Research Project Outline

bawaii (battery analytics with artificial intelligence) is a cooperation between TWAICE and the Institute of Automotive Technology at the Technical University of Munich. The research team investigates opportunities to deploy latest developments of artificial intelligence in the hybrid analytics approach of TWAICE.

With Artifical Intelligence to Improved Predictions

Improving the hybrid TWAICE appraoch with targeted deployment of artifical intellegence solutions.


bawaii will improve the precision of predictions and simulations based on the TWAICE digital twin approach and reduce the testing effort.

Improved Precision

The combination of empirical models with advanced machine learning algorithms enables better predictions of battery conditions.

Advanced Simulations

Use data science approaches to improve simlations of battery aging by merging data from different battery types.

Reduced Testing Effort

Leverage artificial intelligence to reduce lab testing when parametrizing battery systems.

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