Gain Transparency for Competitive Products

Our solutions enable financial service institutions to offer competitive battery products by increasing understanding, transparency and predictability of li-ion batteries.

Extensive Battery Database

We gather data from all your vehicles’ batteries in one place. Based on our adaptive battery models, we supply analytics, reports and insights on battery behavior, value and durability, enabling better battery service products.


Access to current battery data in the field to evaluate current portfolio and enable adaptive products.


Improved understanding of batteries and factors impacting batteries based on TWAICE battery database, research and predictive simulations.


Tracking and valuation of batteries in the field to constantly know current value and plan optimal reselling with optional certificate.

Deep Battery Know-How

TWAICE offers consulting services based on extensive academic research and insights from the field to increase understanding of implications of li-ion batteries as well as optimal operating conditions.

Unique Predictive Simulations

Simulations of battery behavior in different scenarios allows to derive dynamic leasing and insurance products.

A Unified Dashboard for Asset Values

Track the value of batteries in the field and optimize residual values of your batteries.

Enable New Products

Precise state of health determination allows to provide solutions to areas yet to be targeted with 2nd life insurance solutions and performance warranties across fleets.

Enable Predictive Maintenance and Prevent Failures

TWAICE replace the fixed maintenance intervals with condition-dependent, predictive maintenance. Our system detects and evaluates battery anomalies to prevent expensive failures. 

Enhance Your Services with TWAICE