Our Unique
Digital Twin Approach

We use digital twins to perfectly capture each battery’s performance and enable best-in-class predictions of future developments

Create Thrust for Your Battery Deployment

TWAICE leverage digital twins to optimize your batteries. Digital twins are virtual simulations of physical assets which integrate physical realities and data-model predictions.

Up-to-Date Models

Digital twins are virtual simulations of physical assets. In our case a digital representation of the battery is created. Capturing physical data in the field and collecting it in the cloud, enables us to keep our battery models constantly up to date and outperform other approaches.

Better Analytics

As our digital twin is also fed by additional data sources such as usage data and production details, our analytics exceed laboratory testing performance and enable individual assessment of each battery’s performance.

Precise Predictions

The hybrid approach of integrating physical realities and data-model predictions allows us to capture more intricate details and provide precise predictions and optimal life-extending measures.

The Gateway to Holistic Analytics

Digital twin technology enables TWAICE to capture individual impacts on batteries and merge this data with battery models to create best-in-class analytics.

  1. Data Collection

    TWAICE uses data from the battery management system which is either collected by our proprietary hardware or uploaded to the cloud directly.

  2. Data Processing

    Our algorithms achieve an unmatched data reduction of up to a factor of 2,000 without losing ageing specific influences by creating smart data.

  3. Determination Analytics

    Our determination analytics provides the current status (capacity and impedance) of the battery system down to the cell level.

  4. Predictive Analytics

    Machine learning algorithms combine our extensive model library with live field data leading to precise predictions and subsequent optimization potential.

  5. Actionable Insights

    Battery insights to optimize your battery lifecycles are provided to your either through a customizable user interface or by integrating the system into existing software tools.

Driven by Necessity

Highly individual aging behavior makes it imperative to track all batteries in the field individually and create respective predictions. Historic data is essential for such predictions, making digital twins the most feasible option for battery analytics.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our digital twin is at the forefront of battery analytics technology development and only uses easily accessible data, reducing the implementation effort. The data collected from the BMS is merged with our model libraries and other data sources to create a high-precision model without excessive expenditures.

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