Its built makes it possible to drive the vehicle on both salt and freshwater bodies as it is covered in a marine vinyl protective coating.

The multiple color options in blue, red, yellow and silver create the opportunity for individual riders to make a personal statement and express their unique taste and sense of style. Take your family out to the beach and enjoy the best of both worlds in this magnificent military-grade marvel. Its speeds both on land and water reach a maximum of 45mph using a powerful BMW K1300 engine. All rights reserved.

When it gets on water, the ridges on its tires effectively function as paddles propelling the vehicle forward at 3.7mph. 1943 Serial No. The driver’s seating position is slightly forward with the two passengers flanking him on both sides. It conveys a sense of sophistication and is the utmost status symbol for the contemporary driver. The last thing you would expect from this humongous truck would be to see it working its way over a water body. Amphibious cars have evolved remarkably in form and function to provide quite a variety of features to address the unique needs of every user. It has state-of-the-art navigation facilities that turn the cockpit into a master of the sea. The massive body is made up of stainless steel and is resistant to almost everything. This is one of the most noteworthy examples of superb amphibious car design that meet the rigorous military grade requirements and avail the convenience of access and great performance on virtually any terrain. Its water-going capabilities are made possible using a patented transfer facility that allows a power shift from the engine to a panther pump jet in order to propel it in the same fashion as regular water craft. The almost 6-foot high tires do not only serve to make this monster of a truck the ultimate off-roader, they enable it to navigate with ease over virtually any terrain: snow, ice, water, swamp and everything in between.

The vehicle utilizes a powerful V6 engine with about 175 horsepower, the secrets behind its unmatched performance.

View cart for details. Find it Here. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. It is capable of lifting up to three battle tanks at a time thanks to its lightweight track segment system. The Ultra-Heavy Lift Amphibious Connector is one of the most outstanding amphibious military vehicles in the market. It is all worthwhile considering the kind of access and reach this massive vehicle makes possible to militants around the world, particularly those in the marine field.

What started out as a reserve of the military community has now grown into a fully-fledged line that encompasses the unique demands of today’s versatile vehicle owner. More Info Here & Find it Here. It is one of the fastest amphibious cars on land, going at speeds above 100mph and once it gets to sea it goes at 35mph. The World's Fastest Amphibious Car .

The result was a monster of a vehicle that can support military operations on the most complicated coast libes in the world. It has retained the sleek exterior and spacious interior that characterizes most RVS and makes it possible to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime without any barrier standing in your way.

It is powered by a 55hp engine and once you leave the safety of land, the rear wheel retracts to allow for double jets to take over. ~ MINT Condition!

#6 Amphibious Water Tank . Its advanced engineering design gives it much higher levels of thrust than ordinary marine water jets. It starts and runs great. It is nicely redone with all of the hard to find accessories that most GPA’s are missing. WWII Ford GPA Amphibious Jeep . It makes use of air-filled foam tires that exert the almost insignificant pressure of approximately 1lb per square inch. Something went wrong. They are equipped to provide all the traction you may need to overcome all challenges and their self-inflating capabilities add on to this advantage making them adjust to any circumstance with ease.

It is remarkably buoyant on water and easy to maneuver on any land surface, making it the ultimate revolutionary vehicle for military life as we know it. Vehicle overview; Specs; Features; Location ; Contact; 1943 Serial No.

Find it Here. The Panther’s design is based on a Jeep CJ8 Scrambler, however, because the chassis of the Jeep was too heavy for the water, the Panther’s lightweight chassis is made of chromoly steel. WaterCar - Manufacturer of World's Fastest Amphibious Vehicles The hull itself is made up of lightweight fiberglass and makes extensive use of foam filling to maximize on buoyancy. It is built for fun with a few features that make it very similar to the Sea-doo. This is as a result of the fact that its build is lighter and more compact. If you are looking for the ultimate amphibian vehicle to make the most lasting first impression then this jet-ski is your best bet. Share this . This transformation is effected in an amazing five seconds to ensure your adrenaline levels are maintained at optimum levels.

Its relatively small size makes it perfect for storage in any garage space when not in use.

Whereas the Python is an amphibious sports car, the Panther is more of an amphibious SUV, as WaterCar claims that it can be driven on all sorts of surfaces, including sand and mud. Founded in 1996, Uhrig Military Vehicle Sales & Appraisals is a MVPA member 120-C. The capabilities demonstrated by these remarkable amphibious vehicles are comparable to one. The lightweight hull makes it remarkably buoyant and this combined with the Gibbs high-speed amphibian technology make it a marvel on four wheels. Read more. Take a look at some of the most creative and unique options available in the market and discover what these awesome vehicles have to offer. For Personalized Service on this item please call 1-800-227-3528 and our Product Specialists will gladly answer all questions and provide additional information.

away Email Call 1-908-448-2159 Lindberg Schwimmwagen Amphibious Jeep Jeep and Kettenkrad track motorcycle model.

U.K.-headquartered BAE Systems, in cooperation with Italy’s Iveco, has secured a deal to build new amphibious armored vehicles for the Marine Corps that could be … The vehicle’s chassis and suspension system are engineered to perfection to enable smooth travel over rough roads and waves on water bodies. ARGO’s value leader amphibious six-wheelers now come standard with left-side steering and ... Jersey Powersports Lambertville, NJ - 2,232 mi. More Info Here. This is the world's fastest amphibious car, speeding over the water at 44 mph and reaching 80 mph on the road. The cooker that allows you to enjoy the delights of a home-made meal as you traverse the country. They are the ultimate collectible for thrill seekers and vehicle enthusiasts the whole world over. More Info Here. The exclusive line of Aquada amphibious vehicles makes a most delicate blend of style and functionality that is uncommon to this versatile line of vehicles. Its 5-speed manual gear transmission is more than sufficient for the mere 2,866lbs and in addition to its 4-passenger capacity the total weight it can handle is about 2,200lbs. Its design looks like a blend of scooter Sea-doo but is powerful enough to make 80mph on the road and 37mph on water. C $10.16; Buy It Now +C $13.34 shipping; From United States; SPONSORED. Have no fear you have the exclusive rights to a front row view on this RV with the strategically positioned dock on its rear side. It is therefore capable of traversing any terrain on the planet, getting up steep slopes, climbing over walls in the sea, and even maneuvering through ice, sand or mud with great ease. We look forward to hearing from you! - Academy 1/72 M3 HALF TRACK & 1/4 ton AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE & BIKE #13408, Customs services and international tracking provided, ACROSS REEF: AMPHIBIOUS TRACKED VEHICLE AT WAR By Victor J. Croizat - Hardcover. It is the epitome of class and makes the ultimate personality statement for anyone who enjoys the privilege to ride one of them. 2013 Sealegs 7.1m RIB PRICE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED! Would you like to catch the most incredible display of nature’s magnificence as the sun drowns into the sea? It goes from 0 to 60mph in only 8.5 seconds.

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