The brightest point was ‘quadrant 5’, the centre of the screen, where 164 cd/m2 was recorded under our test settings. However, if your budget allows, our Editors' Choice for midsize gaming monitors, the BenQ XL2420TX, is still your best bet. 376 We adopted the following for our ‘test settings’. But it’s still a feature that some users might appreciate. Each frame is displayed for a fraction of the time it would be at 60Hz and things definitely look more fluid.

Car paints looked pretty vibrant. 1106 Textured matte rear Near-black shades, such as very dark greys, appeared lighter than they should. So at 60Hz it seems that the ‘Weak’ and ‘Light’ settings are favourable. Gamma= Gamma 3 Contrast performance was good from the traditional ‘numbers’ perspective, with high static contrast readings and a good level of detail in dark scenes.

89 OSD Settings The backlight dims and lightens as one unit (BLU or Backlight Unit) according to how bright or dark the image is. At high frame rates on Dirt 3 the tracks retained a decent degree of sharpness, even when cornering. This shows the sort of shifts that can be observed on the Lagom text, a mixed desktop background and a dark desktop background.

White luminance (cd/m2) One of the most impactful settings you can adjust is ‘Gamma’, selecting one of three preset gamma modes. The good news is that there isn’t any sign of the nasty inverse ghosting that reared its ugly head at 60Hz using some of the stronger overdrive settings. So at 60Hz it seems that the ‘Weak’ and ‘Light’ settings are favourable. The bad news is that the level of acceleration seems too weak, if anything. If your GPU can support it this means a true 144fps gaming experience. Positives

This frame rate (~24fps) divides into 144 quite neatly (6*24=144) compared to 60 (2.5*24=60) so there things are perhaps a little bit smoother, but it’s nothing ground breaking and it is no substitute for higher frame rate content. Having said that there was a greater degree of trailing than we’ve seen on other 144Hz monitors. Contrast ratio (x:1) Slightly stronger acceleration would not go amiss, though. The remaining blocks did not become lighter in an even stepwise fashion but appeared to vary in lightness and colour tone. Out of the box everything was too bright the colours were washed out, cool-tinted and bleached. It is also important to consider the luminance uniformity of lighter colours. Test Settings Trailing 60Hz Overdrive Medium 1116 There has been good movement away from these ‘strong’ and grainy matte screen surfaces for other panel types (IPS, PLS and in some cases VA) and it would be nice for the 144Hz models to follow suit. Towards the bottom you will find the downward facing ports both to the left and right of the stand neck. The bad news is that the level of acceleration seems too weak, if anything. Trailing 60Hz Overdrive Weak

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made using the below link. It did that, giving a more connected feel and reducing motion blur compared with even the fastest 60Hz monitors. The AOC g2460Pqu uses a standard WLED backlight offering coverage of the sRGB colour space.

The overall representation of colours was quite similar, though, so users shouldn’t feel compelled to use this profile just because it’s there.

Uses LED backlighting, resulting in better image quality, more vibrant colors and richer blacks. Changing the ‘Gamma’ mode had no negative effect on static contrast. The ‘Picture Boost’ part of the menu allows you to enable ‘Bright Frame’, a rectangle on the screen of specified size which has its brightness and contrast controlled independently of the rest of the screen.
On this title there was excellent dark detail but some elevation of near-black shades in places, revealing unintended detail. The ICC profile provided further corrections and dropped the contrast a little further to a still respectable and on-target 1000:1. There was minor bleed at the bottom right and quite a patchy appearance at various points of the screen due to clouding. This is typical of a TN panel and is far less noticeable than ‘IPS glow’ or ‘PLS glow’ – it can’t be seen from directly in front of the monitor, either. The matte screen surface showed off its anti-glare properties nicely, reducing glare and preventing reflections
Devices that have a DVI connector (usually computers and notebooks) can be connected to the TV set. We calculate input lag using a modified ‘camera and stopwatch method’. A minority of users are sensitive to this flickering and can suffer from visual discomfort (headaches etc.)

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