Boot space of 260 litres (1,100 litres with the rear seats down) is good for an electric car, too. There's a lot to consider, but in simple terms, the i3 isn't likely to be cross-shopped with either of those offerings. by: Sam Naylor. Speaking of silly names, we've dubbed our long-term i3 94Ah BEV, "Beverly".

Now, BMW has upgraded the batteries on board to 94Ah (up from 60), giving the car extra range and faster charging.
No longer just a means of making one-off prototypes or wild concepts, 3D printing is now a part of the automotive production line, Selling your car? You could buy a decent conventional hatchback with more seats and features, and for less money. Everything Wheels liked about the i3 then is still a part of the car.

Every 94Ah car comes with a DC charger that was an almost $800 option on the former base car. Perhaps its greatest feature, though, is that up to 95 per cent of the i3 can be recycled or repurposed at the end of its life, including the ability to give the batteries new life as part of a home energy storage system.

We'll consider the i3's purpose and value, testing it as a day-to-day commuter in an inner-Melbourne setting but also – in my own case – its ability to ferry me to and from the outer suburbs of Melbourne without leaving me in a panic over whether I'll make it. Worried about an unexpected rush to the border? It's tall and narrow in appearance, with bulbous bumpers at both ends and a bizarre rear passenger window design – ostensibly for greater visibility but nonetheless another example of the i3's statement styling. A big change is a $2000, bigger 94Ah battery that means you can squeeze about 70km more range out of the car.

By clicking the send button you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the Are Media Pty Limited. It's derived, you guessed it, from the car's 94 ampere-hours battery pack. BMW amps up its electric car, giving it more range, a bit of future-proofing, and a price hike. We’re humans, we don’t drive very efficiently by nature, and we like to run air-con systems on hot days and heaters in winter. It’s more efficient than before as well, emitting 12g/km of CO2 rather than 13g/km. We try out the new M550i xDrive to find out…, Kia e-Niro vs BMW i3 vs Hyundai Kona Electric, Nissan Leaf vs BMW i3 vs VW e-Golf vs Renault ZOE.

Again, little has changed about the i3's interior styling, but if the general reception in the CarAdvice office is anything to go by, that's not likely to bother many. Braking is strange.

Of course, we'll be tracking the day-to-day energy consumption to see just how far it goes versus how much those trips take out.
Delivered, sometime this week? Here’s some top tips how to add value to your car and impress potential buyers, Your contact details will be provided to a third-party dealer network so they can contact you directly. If there's anything in particular you'd like to know or have us focus on more closely, let us know in the comments below. (Wouldn't be very 'green' of me, though…). The driving position is comfortable, and there’s enough legroom in the back for adults. All rights reserved.Auto Express™ is a registered trade mark. The steering wheel, brake and accelerator are all conventional, but starting the i3, selecting drive, and then shutting it all down again at the end takes a bit of familiarity. Its nine-litre tank increases range in the i3 to 300 kilometres and, in the 94Ah variant, to 390 kilometres. View Specs View Photos Highs Quick and ... More on the BMW i3 See the 2019 BMW i3 Now With a Bigger Battery Pack.

Charging the 94Ah model takes 14 hours from empty to 80 per cent (the usable maximum) with the supplied occasional-use charger, while the BMW i Wallbox reduces that to eight hours. Some 25 per cent of the interior components are of recycled plastic and renewable raw materials. Review, Pricing, and Specs . If you need to use a normal household powerpoint, make that almost eight hours. And, to ensure these aren't simply the views of biased revhead motoring journos, we'll be sharing the i3 around the CarAdvice Melbourne office, giving our IT, sales, marketing and executive branches – a far more 'conventional' breed of human – an opportunity to have their say. Even for BMW, that's unusual.

Renault could cut UK models in no deal Brexit profit drive. In our i3 94Ah, range is listed as "up to" 245 kilometres.

The last option, again at no additional cost, is the 'Loft' interior theme, which includes a Carum Spice Grey finish to the instrument panel, combination Cloth/Sensatec (BMW's name for the vinyl it uses) Carum Spice Grey upholstery with an 'Electronic' pattern, and – you guessed it – a Carum Spice Grey finish to the roofliner and steering wheel (with a bright blue contrast ring). View all 12 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2018 BMW i3 on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2018 i3. There are only four seats. This is one cool cabin, properly futuristic in look and thoughtful in its production. But, more on that in a later report. The bigger and pricier $100,800 Tesla Model S features a 60kWh battery pack (well, it's actually a software-limited 75kWh pack) at the entry end, with a 400-kilometre range.

BMW's eight top managers will take the unusual step of skipping next month's Paris motor show to discuss the future of its electric vehicles program, a new report suggests. Those battery ranges are for real-world driving conditions, but we’d still err on the side of optimism. When I picked up the new 2017 BMW i3 94Ah from the company's Australian head office in the Melbourne suburb of Mulgrave, I had a moment of panic. Standard features in the i3 94Ah includes exterior LED lighting, a 10.2-inch main display and a smaller 5.7-inch instrument cluster display, Parking Assistant and rear-view camera, Navigation System 'Professional' (including traffic condition overlays), and DAB+ digital radio. This is no sports car, but it’s good fun in its own way. It features a small petrol engine in the back that charges the batteries as you go, and has a range of 276 miles. What else is out there, apart from the i3? The system runs on the larger main display in the centre of the dash, with a smaller screen set behind the steering wheel working as the instrument cluster. But, according to international industry journal Automotive News, just one board member, Ian Robertson - global sales and marketing manager - will be on deck. If you suspect the BEV model's range just isn't going to satisfy, or you don't want to wait around for a charge to finish, there is also the option of a petrol-powered two-cylinder 650cc Range Extender (REx) engine with each model. It also means less range anxiety – the name given to that fear that you’ll run out of charge before you get to where you need to be. If you're not commuting from country Victoria to the Melbourne CBD via Adelaide, you'll rarely need to even think about the range. The BMW i3 94Ah brings an important update to the electric hatch's driving range, but is it enough to put 'range anxiety' to bed? The i3 is BMW’s first fully electric car.

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