I have asked Casablanca Express for a refund of my money over a month ago, and they still have not responded. I was having an issue before leaving for the trip about show tickets and spoke to a manager named Julio that would not help me and made fun of my NY accent (i hope these calls are recorded so management can hear this and really fire this man). They delayed and delayed until the year was up.
They were trying to get me to go to their hotel room and perform sexual acts with them thinking i was alone. Algiers, 1942. I thought that was a pretty good deal. I was appalled at what I was being told and no report was written NO "I'm so sorry this is unacceptable" they basically made it as if it were no big deal that I was so scared and almost sexually assaulted (I was so shook up that now I realize and wish I would have made them call the police and make a police report) I was just so scared and wanted to get out of there asap so we checked out immediately. They offer a "free" trip only if you pay an upfront payment of~ $300 USD (for registration and taxes), which sounded fishy.

The rest of the cast are typically terrible and authenticity-wise the film has more holes than a colander.Having said that its one of those "so bad its good" films, but don't take it seriously.

Well we got this promotional vacation gift from a time share to a 3 day two night vacation at las vegas... we had to give a $100 deposit. 91316 But most of all communication because it's your money and your vacation! “Words cannot express how amazing our vacation was to Orlando, Fl, thanks to Casablanca Express! I left there and had to book a different hotel that cost me $889.80. In short, if you do business with CBE, you are agreeing from the very beginning that you will believe what they say (e.g., that the coupon book for Vegas shows they give you is worth 200$, and so on). James McClendon 7 of 12 people found this review helpful.

Encino, They'd make no money if zero people took the bait. This is so upsetting and disheartening. All rights reserved. I received this offer because I had an unused Casablanca Express (CBE) voucher for a trip to Big Bear. We have been to Kona (beach front condo), Cabo (beach front canabana), Vegas (Tropicana), Lake Tahoe (Lakeside Inn) and Reno (Atlantis). His love affair with Giulia brings the past from which he is running away, and that haunts him ... See full summary ». We arrive in Las Vegas and went to the hotel they booked me at (Tropicana) which is the oldest and worst hotel on the strip - we arrived at 3am and checked out by 10 am the next morning because the hotel was disgusting, Totally rundown, it smelt, it was dirty, there were bugs, and to top it all off while my husband went to the bathroom I was approached by 2 men and i feared for my safety. You’ve one a free trip to Vegas! © 2020. I received this travel voucher as a winner in a contest. A hotshot, wisecracking New York newspaper reporter, teams up with his crippled Army buddy Steve and sexy pilot Anne in Argentina to find an airplane called Condor rumored to have been ... See full summary ». Sorry you went through a costly hell with Casablanca. A sailor on Christmas leave visits his boozing, one-legged father and dreamer mother in 1950s Brooklyn. The manager is not the only employee with a felony btw. (1989). However, the Nazis already know everything about their plan, and a tactical unit of German paratroopers take the commando guards by surprise, intent on kidnapping Churchill. then they call us with our travel times. A race car driver has visions of the victims of a serial killer before their demise and tries to get a skeptic police detective and an ambitious reporter to help him find the killer. Casablanca Express Deal reviews: Eventually this place will get shut down Can’t wait to celebrate all the rude employees who deserve to lose their jobs!
However, in my experience, your interaction with CBE starts out with lies. I was injured on the job and went to Schneck Hospital in Seymour IN for... he change the company name now is { jlconstruction818.com or instagram... My family booked with them for March 2020 and due to COVID-19 we could not... Casablanca Express - Full of lies and scams, Casablanca Express - Travel Voucher for Boat Transportation to Catalina, Casablanca Express - travel Agent that was about cruise details 6 weeks before sail date, Casablanca Express - Refuse to return your money, Greg Maintenance LLC - contractor services, Gurkhas Travel - unrelaible service and fraud, rip-off, Wunderfolds Scottish Fold Breeder, Ginger Troutman-Pains South Carolina. At this point i was hysterical crying and I just wanted to leave. It ws supposed to be a free trip, that I had to pay taxes($250) and a refundable $100 deposit on.

Written by 6345 Balboa Blvd, To top it all off 3 days after I left Las Vegas the Tropicana where I only stayed for 5 hours mind you put charges on my card!!! Only if we sent them more money?!?!?! Terrible. Scam on me once shame on you, scam on me twice, shame on you. I advised the front desk right away of what occurred and the girl told me "it was just 2 guys hitting on you, nothing happened right? This service is a scam.

The plot is about as daft as you can get. We had a great time together as a family.

Required deposit cost more than the fare! Do yourself a favor and RUNNNN far away from this company!! On the first day leave airport at 5:15pm have to stop two times Houston and las angelas..get to las vegas at midnight. Lol so they hope you'll see only what they want you to see and ignore the rest. It turned out to be a complete scam where I would have had to pay more and more money and I decided not to use any service they provided.

Aj 4 din hogay zaleell hotay huye pehli sallary i hy aur wo b nai nikal rahe bakwas hy. Where do you stay? This shows a lot about their customer service. Be careful with this company. Dishonest Business Practices – I was offered a two-night stay in Vegas that was essentially free -- as long as I attended a 90-minute-maximum tour of a place that was selling timeshares. Nick Riganas. © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com. Map & They entice people with "freebies" to upsell them and use fear tactics to get people to upgrade. Is this true? I do not understand your complaint.

By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, 2 sick scottish fold kittens sold at premium $, best buy won't replace or credit a defective product, Psychics / spells / candle magic / prayers.

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