A nice concept that’s let down a little by the dramatisation stuff. For over forty years, “Looking Glass” was the nickname of the Airborne Command Post–an essential element in the command and control of the Strategic Air Command’s forces.

More details at The ending's ambiguous, but by then the countdown is over. (The shoddy non-diegetic music really breaks the "you are there" illusion, too.) There are section were they bring real life politicians to be interview and it comes out really bad.

Superbly conceived and execute made for TV film.

Are You in the House Alone?

McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB. Experts (including Newt Gingrich, playing himself) pop up to analyze the accelerating string of events, but neither they nor the journalists can affect a single thing. Countdown to Looking Glass. That was practically sedate after the war game or threads.

The narrative of the film details the events that lead up to the initial exchange of nuclear weapons from the perspective of an on-going news broadcast.

Should have cut all that out and focused on the news bulletin style. It’s hard to find a copy of this but it’s uploaded in full length on youtube right now for anyone who wants to peep it.

Countdown to Looking Glass is a good speculative thriller examining the outbreak of World War III. The overwhelming sensation induced here is one of helplessness in the face of history. The film will be followed by a Q and A, and feature commentary from History Professor Salim Yaqub. However, a T-2 Buckeye trainer aircraft taxis past him, indicating that the broadcast was filmed from a training carrier. Seems quaint compared to similar 80s TV movies warning of WWIII, like The Day After or the brain-shattering Threads, but still pretty decent nerve-jangling.

The book "Are you in the House Alone", edited by Amanda Reyes, is 330 pages chock full of television movie…, The films recommended or mentioned (sometimes really just mentioned in passing..but in a positive light...ish) by Sam Ashurst and Dan…. Nimitz (CVN 68) was portrayed in this movie by the museum ship U.S.S.

Middle East control of oil causes an escalation between Russia and the USA. A fake documentary about a conflict that lead to World War 3. The T-2 Buckeye jet trainer which is being towed across the deck during one of Michael Boyle's (Scott Glenn) reports is one of the Yorktown Museum's exhibits.

It also gives a haunting portrait of how the apocalypse could have happened. The nuclear powered aircraft carrier U.S.S.

The story is told through a live news report that follows the apocalyptic world-ending nuclear exchange between the … It's a film that imagines the events leading up to an atomic war between the United States and Russia.

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Speculative docudrama presented mostly as a realistic news report in the days leading up to a Cold War-turns-hot nuclear exchange.

Synopsis: A drama, shown through the eyes of a network television news team, focusing on the events that occur when an international crisis in South America brings the world to the …

90 mins   Drama. But mostly this is dead serious, faux-professional, muted, and exceptionally bleak. Overall, a great film that displays the decisions and conflict that could lead up to nuclear war.

I wish they'd do something like this again these days but with updated vfx. © Letterboxd Limited.

I was most interested in choosing…, Using HBO guides I was able to recreate a list of most of their scheduled movies. Original title: Countdown to Looking Glass (TV).

Mobile site.

It's designed to look like a newscast.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. It felt like this could happen any day back in the 80's (and we'd do well to remember the world hasn't gotten any smarter since). Twenty years ago, I used to spend a lot of time talking about... hypothetical nuclear war scenarios with a man who was one of the pioneers in that form of prophecy... he's dead now... really believed in his craft.

As IMDb celebrates its 30th birthday, we have six shows to get you ready for those pivotal years of your life ... your 30s. Made during the Cold War, it is rife with the tension of the period.

Salim Yaqub (History, UCSB) Directed by Fred Barzyk.

This Canadian made-for-TV wheeze is a little shoddy in its transitions between mocked-up news bulletins, repurposed archive footage and dramatic inserts.

He said to me once, "Don, I'm ... Michael Boyle was supposedly broadcasting from the USS Nimitz, an operational, combat-capable aircraft carrier. Countdown to Looking Glass (TV) is a film directed by Fred Barzyk with Scott Glenn, Michael Murphy, Helen Shaver, Patrick Watson .... Year: 1984.   |  I actually shook a bit right at the end.

The cheap documentary TV quality helps make this film all the more chilling. Pretty good stuff. Tidstypisk.

Disturbing to watch. Countdown to Looking Glass Plot A fictional confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union over the Strait of Hormuz, the gateway to the Persian Gulf.

A TV Movie Compendium 1964-1999, Dystopian post apocalypse films [UPDATED]. The premise: a Persian Gulf war (nope, nor that one -- or the other one) is dragging the superpowers into conflict and inevitable escalation. The rest of the movie shows when the conflict between the super powers escalate and lead to a war. This one is quite as dramatized as Threads but it’s incredibly realistic. I think this film does that really well.

Society been rid of all nuance and we're adrift in….

Directed by Fred Barzyk. Newt plays a hawkish dick, which is what the people in the biz would call "typecasting.". But mostly this is dead serious, faux-professional, muted, and exceptionally bleak. Scene by scene it's disjointed by its very nature, cast with a mix of pro actors (like Scott Glenn), man-in-the-street amateurs and real-world talking heads (including Newt fucking Gingrich, who comes over all Churchill in suggesting that nuclear war might be preferable to "slavery").

But cumulatively, it's got some proper wallop, and writer Albert Ruben packs the thing with a clammy, credible sense of realpolitik. Don Tobin:

TMDb In an attempt to balance out the stigma against TV movies, the most worthwhile have been mined from your vague…, You're standing in a barren desert after a technological apocalypse. Yorktown (ex CV 10) moored in Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina.

There's a few months….

Nicely pieced together, however, barring the dramatized scenes about the lives of the reporters, which definitely weren't necessary to make this work as a 'what if' series of new broadcasts.

Sponsored by the Center for Cold War Studies and the Department of History. The story is told through a live news report that follows the apocalyptic world-ending nuclear exchange between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet.

The "news anchors" are dull but the whole thing is given serious authenticity by its real-life guest stars: Admiral Gene LaRocque of the dovish Center for Defense Information; CBS legend Eric Sevareid; former Senator Eugene McCarthy, and a young Congressman Newt Gingrich.

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