- 'Stealth'. That fancy Ming dynasty dress looks completely different with exposed shoulders and that medieval set of pants look completely different if you turn them into shorts with exposed legs. So sometimes all it takes to create futuristic clothing is to take a trend that has passed, alter it slightly and you're done. Since the late 1980s, Création Confort Adaptive Clothing has been pursuing its mission, to facilitate the lives of elderly care, special needs and people with disabilities such as Alzheimers, arthritis, as well as their caregivers. I'll make a separate point for sci-fi/futuristic clothing and fantasy/historic clothing. A common (wood) elvish theme is to have lots of green tints, flowery elements and intricate embroidery. First and foremost we need to know who we're designing for. It's something we have today as well, but they're oddly uncommon and work great for more futuristic looks. To illustrate this in a way we did with the futuristic shirt example let's take a standard medieval tunic and turn it into a fantasy-themed version. Scarves as we know them today weren't really a thing in the middle ages (they were way different) and hoods pretty much came in the form of chaperons and liripipes (Google for reference if needed), not as part of a piece of clothing. It's easy to try this out too, at least the simple line version. In the case where your garment or jewelry is in process in our Bali production, the item may take as many as 3-4 weeks to be made and shipped. There's also the element of technology that has to be taken into account. This is a heavy generalization of course and entirely based on Western culture of today, but these rules may not apply at all in a fictional universe, no matter if it's futuristic or based on a historic setting. One easy way of creating a more customized look is to simply use cultural elements in the standard clothing. We are now producing our clothing line and jewelry in small, continuous orders. From elegant open back dresses to comfortable Velcro shoes and cozy open back nightgowns, our fashion solutions prove special needs clothing can be functional and fashionable. These elements are very important when taking into account the previous point. Not all trends return and fashion isn't perfectly cyclical. Most clothing throughout history consisted of longer pieces of fabric and with minimal tailoring and cuts. But let's take a step back and look at what kind of clothing is usually associated with futuristic settings. Creation Confort Adaptive Clothing is developing, manufacturing and marketing comfortable clothing for the disabled/handicapped that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the incontinent or wheelchair-dependent person. Besides, these are all just guidelines meant to spark some inspiration in you. - Change lengths. We often express ourselves through our clothing, at least when we have the freedom to do so, so knowing who we're designing for is the first step in creating the perfect outfit for a character. $35. Dragon scales, fiery furs and feathers and other elements can quickly turn a standard item into a fantasy one. Often compared to hospital gowns, our adaptive clothing collection offers the same ease in dressing with more comfort, style and dignity. Moonstone Creation; Jerry Whitehead; Michael Lonechild; Mas-Kih-Kiy Creem; View All; Info 1219 10 Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta, T2G 0W8 Canada Call us at 403-261-2650 Subscribe to our newsletter. The complete opposite is true for fantasy and historic clothing. There are some elements which are common among most works of fiction when it comes to clothing, with these elements in mind it becomes a lot easier to turn the clothing we wear today or wore throughout history into a futuristic or more fantasy oriented equivalent. So here are some more ways to alter a design while sticking with familiarity and a more historic feel: I'm talking about the jagged, triangular shapes you find on some stealth planes or the digital camouflage patterns. At least in most cases. Other clothing pieces could be various types of hats and scarves, (trench) coats and even something as simple as pockets or buttons used for fastening rather than as decoration to name just a few.

Other elements you could include are mood-based changes (exists today), clothing that uses lights or glowing elements (exists today), clothing that can be repaired or changed on the go (exists today), smart technology woven into the fabric of clothing (exists today), changing colors (think chameleons) whenever you feel like it (exists today, kind of). This is mostly something to keep in mind when designing for characters living in the future, but it could work for alternative historic universes as well. $30, Regular price If you look at popular works of fiction you'll find two trends, one is the simplistic and often tight-fit look and the other is the more over the top and extravagant look. We propose a full range of high-quality, affordable adaptive clothing for the caregiver, and the disabled or handicapped loved one. All of these advancements will become more and more common as time goes on, so it'd make sense for them to be part of our clothing in the future. Now add a thick, layered scarf or attach a hood to this tunic and you're already well on your way to a customized look. It can be as simple as making a dress shorter, a jacket longer or sleeves wider and longer. We have all sorts of headphone designs to reflect our clothing styles and just wearing or not wearing a headphone will completely change how a character is often perceived. (Fantasy) clothing creation guide. Have fun with it. The clothing itself can be just standard medieval gear, but with these elements they immediately look (wood) elvish. Make it look very clean and smooth and it immediately feels more modern. Now this won't work for every piece of clothing of course, not everything has buttons or edges that allow for simple changes we don't already use today, so here are a few ways that are commonly used to make things look more futuristic: Creating new clothing styles for fictional worlds can be a daunting task, there's just so much out there already and so many elements to play around with to create a fun and unique style, no matter whether the art form is visual or not. For example, fur usually wasn't used as a piece of decoration for clothing and if used at all was often worn around the neck and shoulders or underneath other (often hide) clothing to keep warm.

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