town. So, how about the Igbos in other central African countries, others scattered in Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe? one has any serious troubles with a father's lineage (Umunna), [47] Yoruba were not Benin and Benin not Yoruba but mix in Ilefe that later expand territory to other parts of today Yoruba land. they appeal to one's Umunne (mother's lineage) for assistance. DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE YORUBA, IGBO AND HAUSA TRADITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEMS IN NIGERIA Family Life Yoruba: Family life is the foundation of Yoruba culture, as I have learned and I have been told and shown. Ile-Ife was regarded as the cradle of Yoruba civilisation and also the spiritual home. The administrative system was decentralized and characterized by the principle of acephalous (absence of a centralized government). Ala was popularly known as the goddess of the land. There were no chiefs compared to Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani pre-colonial administration. Interestingly, however, each village in Igbo society is normally administered like a Republic, independent or sovereign state. There was no supreme king like Oba and Emirs in the North. Ozo Title Holders was seen as the highest title of honour which was given to the specific individuals in pre-colonial Igbo society. The council of elders were made up of chiefs and elders in the town. The feudal system that is present in northern Nigeria and Yoruba View @ArchbishopGregg @MysticPatriarch’s profile on Twitter, View The Mystical Order’s profile on YouTube, View all posts by HH, Patriarch Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div, THE YORUBA AND BENIN RELATIONSHIP — THE MYSTICAL COURT | Black History & Culture, https://geoloc10.geovisite.ovh/private/geomap.js?compte=ugjdwl8mb94k, Arnos Vale, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. �:�z|�Q��yK4�(�3�����#����?E��W|䝩zk.uL�H�\pMV�4����I���3�v�� J�*�2Q:*�*h��y��X�=�UY2�h�َK3̧�v$Yx�`����a�vՠ#+���7��՜�o�V>����R�=H2h՜%��M�.�9�A�Xz�S�A� 3 0 obj Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The difference is Yoruba are more akin to grandeur where Igbos prefer efficiency. a period of 600 years)? In the emirate, political power was exercised by the Emir and his council of advisors, while in the Igbo political system, power was exercised by the council of elders by consensus. Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2020 Oluwaseun Osewa. Seven-clan hereditary king makers called Oyomesi who elected the Alaafin of Oyo. The settlement by migrants from Togo that settled in Oyo was wipe off by 18 century by slave trade. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. "Towards a Reconstruction of the Political Economy of Igbo Imadoduwa was a magician. participate in community affairs, in decision-making and all development Perham, Margery Freda, ed. The Hausa/Fulani political emirate was monarchical; headed by a king, while the Igbo traditional political system was republican; headed by no king or queen and the Yoruba political system was monarchical, republican, and decentralised. The Family Group is one of the most recognized institutions in pre-colonial Igbo society as the basic unit of every political institution. This explained Igbos belief in Amadioha, Igew-ka-ala, Ogbaegbu, etc in terms of needs. ��qfS�{�k��vT sB|L�A�IQ�b����A��v��n&�{��P �>D=����uVM��.2Q�. He created Kingship monarchy in the town and also calls it “ILefe.” he reign over this land until further migrant people and workers can from Dahomey. Cases like murder, homicide, etc was judged by the Ala. To any Ala, there is a priest called Ala’s priest who interpreted the pronouncement of the Ala. The age-grades were called upon to perform public services and duties such as: Sometimes, the whole village may constitute itself into a court for the purpose of settling disputes. By this, we hope to be able to raise enrollment numbers and reduce the poor academic performance of students and the drastic failure rates in exams while also working to enhance Instructional Practice among Teachers using familiar channels of interaction to train and empower them on the use and adoption of technology. "A short description of the natives of the ֔Fn���%8_ ���f���mb�"w�?��7�k��>7��Jɳ�.%���޹�>���9��c�i�&� It is due to the influence of Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first Anglican bishop in Nigeria. The leader normally is the oldest or strongest member. Dumet, Raymond E., New York, N.Y.: Mouton Publishers, 1980. The autocratic system or Islamic and customary laws were used in the Hausa/Fulani political system while the Igbo traditional political system used customary laws only. Others from Togo to Oyo and later to Ife are what could be call real Yoruba. South-Eastern Nigeria," London, ENGLAND: Oxford University Press, 1955. When one visits his or her mother's home This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A Yoruba wedding can take days, and the emphasis is on grandeur and flash. The Igbos generally had no Kings or Chiefs (i.e. He performed ritual and ceremonial functions on behalf of the family.

also the separation of tribal religion from the titular headship within the R��'~����3�h��dѵs���O�=쏅7�W��r��ߗ�0�4K�,|*�O���$w����~����H�a�־���n�Y� 7%p>;2N�lg���* �r��k����[f����*\t����73�C��%��vV��fa�5>UsC��Ov��{����o˜����+�,)�wڭkh���RȅX���,E��3E����^����ď@�0"��2�+߿��+SF~�MV���}�|�y��� ~����N.�oQ6�?.��f}�A���j��ݠp~=��pus���r}�3�����ϸ�W7���|.~�v�+~��+h� ��?�Q�ί��w���]� Direct democracy when it comes to decision making, Pre-colonial Political Systems In Nigeria (Igbo Traditional System), Tools that can be used to create a Digital Story Book, Nigeria’s Education: 60 years Post-Independence, Schools in Niger State To Resume For Third Term October 4, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the current Education system, International Merit Scholarship: University Of Memphis. It comprised people of the same family. It's also ironic that in as much as Igbos are reputed to 'love money', wealth doesn't mean power in Igbo land. The word ‘Yariba’ was first recorded in reference to the Oyo people only, in a treatise written by the 16th-century Songhai scholar Ahmed Baba. position of Omu was dropped from the throne by the colonial Not only that, each family group was autonomously headed by the title holder called ‘OKPARA’. child compound is formed. Not only that, each family group was autonomously headed by the title holder called ‘OKPARA’.

"The Ibo and Ibibio-Speaking Peoples of

endobj The Yoruba political system, on the other hand, had a balance. yoruba 1. region: west 2. religion:Islam,christianity, pagan 3. language: yoruba 4. mode of life: simple 5. system of ruling: politics igbo 1. region: east 2. religion:christianity 3. language: igbo 4. mode of life: costly 5. system of ruling: politics between ur …
female-counterpart ruler, the Omu. If yes, then how can oduduwa now be their ancestral father?”. representative organization, especially in Igbo culture, was not monarchical but By this time the kingdom have already expand to some other parts know as Yoruba land of today. Yoruba people generally preferred a monarchical government, but also had independent communities where small councils made legislative, judicial and executive decisions… Crowther was himself a Yoruba and compiled the first Yoruba dictionary as well as introducing a standard for Yoruba orthography. From here it extends to village level, clans, and They also helped in maintaining law and order in the society as well as settlement of dispute between or among group of families. Political Structure of The Yoruba Land The Yoruba Kingdom developed an efficient governmental system which existed for centuries before the coming of the Europeans into Nigeria.

In the Yoruba political system, power was decentralised.

a hereditary successor to his clan's throne. However, the most important thing is that each village was administered as a sovereign entity and each family heads (Okpara) were reckoned or named an ‘Ofo’ title holders in the village.

Instead, political institutions were performing similar or different functions. In the town assembly the titled elders presided over the affairs, deliberated over general decisions on a separate caucus consultation called ‘Igba Izu’ and finally announced final decisions which quite often won a general vocal approval of the people. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! But the Onitsha Igbos once had a woman chieftain appointed by the They had the responsibility of discussing the matters that affected the life of the citizens. The blood relations create associations between man and his neighbor. achievement and initiatives, prestige and egalitarian leadership. Oyo recorded the highest slave raiding in the history of Nigeria and most of them were shipped to South America. She died Nri in Anambra state is regarded as the ancestral home of the Igbos. ��^>�;,c�sk9��/l�>���J��.� ~�U����NRW�h�ӖF֖��(c����UJ��� �І�1��� �n�9Y���vԘL�º6ل)J�ւ�L���+Y��-[���g7�4����%{���ں�o)�ݷ��瓪�)��utG�ie�������P991݉A�e1�N���k�Kc����1Qߏ���z���-�,�o{ �b+��EPOHW�Ʃ7A[ġ?��2Z�r�#�Э�[4j&���G�A$E2z�3ДZH�#�Z|Y�g;t�D8�Wg��.�Lt$���%1!uj���'ts��[��H?W*�m�@�ߖw�Se�mu'_��=v The ruler Obi is Even Margery Perham (1957), for all her attachment to Lugard's northern

As recorded in modern history, the Alaafin’s dynasty in Oyo began around 1200 CE.
The family is the center or the nucleus into which the he They are group of young men on the basis of age. thought part of dahomey were also part and parcel of Mali, Berbers. The Igbo social structure is defined by the blood line. ?�Uk������Ֆٸ ;Y޺Ag�RB��1*nΎ!���o��SBc��e�?���X��eO��Ŷt�[�>l��m) �}mQF�P6� Be that as it may, there existed many institutions in the pre-colonial Igbo society, charged with the responsibility of judicial, legislative and executive functions like: the family group, village council, Ozo title holder, age grades and the Ala.

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