The heavy influence of the Indo-Fijian culture also means the cuisine has elements of colorful curries and spices with it. Coconut is used not only for food, it plays an important role in Fiji's economy. The "palusami" is made using taro leaves, filled with thick coconut cream, onions, salt and canned meat. Your email address will not be published.

To sum up, no matter where you stay in Fiji, don’t miss out on these traditional Fiji food when you’re in the country. Lamb chunks are sometimes included as well.

I’m not sure why because there are some really interesting and unique dishes from Fiji. The drua functioned mainly as a war canoe and was known for its impressive size and speed—reaching up to 25 knots and varying from 100 to 118 feet in length. What I find the most interesting about Fijian food is how they’ve so seamlessly merged their traditional island foods with the Indian and English influences of the past few hundred years. It includes grated cassava and coconut, coconut milk or cream, and sugar.

Lunch in the villages is usually rourou (dalo leaves) with boiled Tavioca (cassava) or some fresh fish soup with dalo (taro)[citation needed]. Communities are made up of close friends and family members and the islands even report a low crime rate. Ask fellow travellers and travel experts here. Most Fijian men would have Yaqona or Kava to drink before having dinner. Other basic ingredients found in kokoda are chilies, onions, and seawater. I am not a big fish fan. The traditional way of cooking Fijian food includes wrapping the meals in banana leaves and palm fronds and then cooking them in an underground, earth oven heated by hot stones. A Guide to Food in Fiji. Almost every restaurant and resort serves its version of Kokoda, which is excellent as a starter to a meal. It can be either cut into fries or chips or mashed and boiled. If there’s one dish that best represents the flavors of the islands, it’s Kokoda. Palusami is a popular food in Fiji that consists of boiled taro leaves that are mashed into a rich, fine vegetable curry. The lovo is placed on dirt-covered heated stones and left there for a period of about two to three hours. The husks are then lit on fire, and covered with stone. The performances capture aspects of traditional Fijian life, from elegant fan performances to rousing war dances. Commonly served at weddings, it is eaten with rice as a main course. One such breakfast dish is the Babakau, which essentially is fried bread made from a mixture of simple ingredients, such as flour, sugar, water, and yeast.
youtube; instagram; facebook; pinterest (2005), Dignan C, Burlingame B, Kumar S, Aalbersberg W. (2004). Likewise the spices popular in Indian cuisine such as turmeric, cumin and spicy chilies have also crept into traditional Fijian cooking. A variety of meat, seafood, and vegetables wrapped in banana and taro leaves are placed in an underground pit lined with coconut husks and heated stones. If you have Fijian heritage, it’s something to be proud of. They are incredibly green and the tiny little beads kind of pop in your mouth. Editor’s note: There’s no photo available at the time of writing. A popular art form in Fiji is the creation of the Fijian masi, also known as tapa cloth. Ingenious really.
High caloric foods are good for hard-working villagers who need extra calories while working on their farms but this causes a range of chronic illness such as obesity. Mostly served as an appetizer, kokoda is similar to Hawaii’s poke and Peru’s ceviche. It is a very spicy dish and includes spices and flavorings such as garam masala, coconut milk, cumin, and cinnamon. While these dishes may be relatively simple, they are rich with flavor. It’s actually a type of seaweed that’s harvested in the many shallow reefs around the islands, particularly in the Yasawas. Lumi Pie is an example of Fiji’s traditional food – seaweed pie with coconut milk, lemon juice and chives. This slow cooking method is best left for around two to three hours in order to achieve tender and flavorsome results. There’s a strong emphasis on starchy vegetables like taro and cassava, which is used in almost every dish. For this reason, curry is a common staple of Fijian meals, including the popular to-go chicken curry roti. Read on as we list some of the best must-try dishes to experience when you visit Fiji. Vaulted ceilings woven from palms and knotted with coconut husk cordage known as magi magi. One unique dish that encompasses the fishy part of Fijian cuisine is kokoda. Posts may contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). MENU MENU MENU.

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