Many scholars believe that they are of Judaeo-Syrian origin. The Fulani ethnogenesis began in Senegal, as a result of the Moroccan Berber Arabs intermarrying with the black Sub-Saharan Serer, following thenceforth the Fulani expanding across the western Sahel, and the northerly halves of several West African countries.

So you make an "Ancestry" test and all you get is that your ancestors are from (colonialist named countries that only exist 50years ago. To hark back at the theme of frequent inter-ethnic unions within Nigeria. complete false for any Black person, they always trying to lie about our DNA, I'm from Qatar Duha an Arab i love Fulaani girl to married Oooo please call me on Whatsapp +97466714008, 92% AFRICA:48% Senegal27% Mali16% Africa North1% Benin/Togo, 4% EUROPE:3% Iberian Peninsula1% European Jewish, These tests are a scam. North Africans are not Arabic speakers btw they speak Tamazight. Now I see where I get my looks from haha. "https://www.modernghana.com/news/349849/1/who-are-the-fulani-people-their-origins.html, The guy on my match list is a medical doctor in the USA(he immigrated from Kano) tells me that there are many people who are called Fulani, but are adopted into the ethnicity, not TRUE ethnic Fulani/Fulbe.Also, Fonte Felipe who is an African genetic blogger from Cape Verde has a page where he goes into deep discussion about the Fulani, and he also has a few DNA results from Fulani…, "The Hausa/Fulani are often mentioned combined as being the biggest ethnic group in northern Nigeria. Hey, be sure to check your DNA matches, on AncestryDNA.

I wouldn’t think much of it.

Also I'd like to find you on ancestry, what's your surname.

Plus this DnA thing is useless if it can tell the Ethnic groups & tribes to help Afrocarribean, AfricanAmericans, Afrolatinos know which & how many ethnic groups they're from. Fulas in those regions share DNA.

Hey guys, this video showcases the results of my ancestry DNA test. So consider the North African as African not really Arab genetically, most people who are fulani have a high percent of Senegalese dna because that’s were fulanis first settled & then spread throught out west africa. Lol this was so unnecessary, why if you already know you're Fulbe (please not fulani,hausa named us), were you expecting to get 'arab, white, Indian as some ignorant Fulbe claim to be because they won't accept that We are NOMADS FROM SAHEL(proudly brought Islam in west Africa, caliphate), proudly AFRICAN.

Thanks and oh, this was interesting.
However, it is generally recognized that Fulani descended from nomads from both North Africa and from sub-Sahara Africa. They came from the Middle-East and North Africa and settled into Central and West Africa from the Senegal region they created the Tekruur Empire which was contemporary to the Ghana Empire.

The Hausa/Fulani themselves are an excellent illustration of this phenomenon as they represent a fairly recent fusion of two distinct ethnic groups. My father is a Guinean Fulani and my mother is a Sierra Leonean whose family migrated from Mali (madinka) my result was: Senegal: 44% Ghana/Ivory: Coast 29% Mali: 10% Africa North: 6% South Eastern Bantu 7% Iberian peninsula: 2% Togo/Benin 1% Nigeria: 1%My father would probably have a similar mix to yours, According to everything I've read your results are in line with nearly everything I've read. I did it through AncestryDNA.

The fulani's are nomadic tribe's in Africa n also in Lebanon ur results on Mali is correct because they are fulani's in Mali ur DNA that identified Jews from eastern part of Russian called Georgia are called conversos they converted into Jewdazim eight century ago and their leaders name is king Bulan he saw that his citizens were going astral he invited the three major organized religion's leaders Catholic's, Moslems n jewsdalism to understand their philosophy of their beliefs then after giving it serious thought he concluded to choose Jewsdizm n his citizens concerted into Jewdazim eight century ago they are called Ashkenazi Jews n were involved in the slave trades the wicked sailors gave ur ancestors some serious turned up by raping them .Welcome home to the great tribe's u look like my sister's but we're families shalom.

Required fields are marked *, Ancestry DNA test for Fulani of West Africa (SHOCKING RESULTS). Even when apparently despite much common ground many Hausa and Fulani do choose to maintain separate identities as well or atleast are aware of their previous lineage. I went ahead and ordered the DNA kit from 23 and me just to be able to compare the resuts and have more clarity. Turns out I’m way less Guinean than I expected..lol.

Everyone is mixed if you go back far enough when all the continents where joined together .Then biologically and physically changed due to the environments they were born into over a long time. "I have both maternal and paternal DNA test done by African Ancestry.com. Then, they spread in all the countries in West-Africa, continuing to lead their nomadic life style. Hey guys, this video showcases the results of my ancestry DNA test.

you are not from my Country: Senegal. But more often, they were absorbed by the indigenous population whom they had dominated.

She did not say which Guinea she is from, but i think she speak like Equatorial Guinea with Spanish.

Aside from widespread intermarriage also characterized by language adoption (Hausa becoming the preferred first language) and cultural amalgation.

Forget about African countries, they are just modern creation, Sry but Mali & Guinea are not the same ppl. It is therefore very illuminating to compare this single northern Nigerian result with the southern Nigerian results posted above. My 15% African(I'm Native American) got me 3 matches from Nigeria's(Kaduna(?) / / ANCESTRY DNA VS. 23 and ME, https://www.modernghana.com/news/349849/1/who-are-the-fulani-people-their-origins.html, https://tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/ancestrydna/african-results/nigerian-results/, The Best Free Genealogy Research Resource, Dual Citizenship by Jus Sanguinis – A Great Way to Honor Your Immigrant Ancestors, Feed The Tree – The Genealogy of The Pixies, Throwing Muses, The Breeders and Belly. Sephardic Jewish DNA comes back as middle eastern so it is possible that you had a 4x great grandparent who was Jewish. source, I am from U.S. but my mother's side DNA is Fula from Guinea-Bissau. About the Ashkenazi Jewish, their DNA is very close to middle east DNA but they were a very closed group with regard to intermarrying outside of Judaism in Europe so they are able to actually test for that. Most people seem to have a small amount of Jewish in there blood is that real or been messed with . Plus a portion of the Senegalese ethnicity estimate on their map encompasses Guinea Bissau, touching the Guinean border, and if you have Northwestern Fulani kin their dna would definitely be close to Guinea Bissauans. "https://tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/ancestrydna/african-results/nigerian-results/, North Africans are not originally Arab, their originally Amazigh and Coptic. You just gave away your DNA to a large corporation and they can do as they want with it. Turns out I’m way less Guinean than I expected..lol.

and a place called Kano), and every last one of them has a similar makeup to yours. I'm Cameroonian and did 23andme with updated results. That made me question why, so I started doing some research, and your results pretty much confirm it. These tests are a scam, lady. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 5% Mali, 2% Benin/Togo, 2% Cameroon/Congo, 2% Senegal, <1% Ivory Coast/ Ghana, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, <1% Europe West, 1% North African, 1% Caucasus, and <1% Melanesia, You should download your DNA and upload it and get your haplogroup, Why don't you want to be from Mali what's wrong with it being high LOL, Hey I want to hear you talk about the Fulani culture and history on your channel not too many people that do on YouTube, I'm from America but through my DNA I come from the Fulani people. Tshiip and your shithole country is not better than Mali. Skip to 8:45 for newer findings , more details and for visuals of the actual results. Most striking difference seems to be the (near) absence of “Cameroon/Congo” and “Benin/Togo” regions, and instead the noticeable presence of especially “Senegal” and also “Africa North” and “Middle East”. Genealogy DNA-Testing Information Collector. Nice video! Like I’m Fulani & was born in Senegal so my dna break down was 74% Senegal, 13% Mali & 9% North African but it dint have any Middle East dna. These companies are scam, they use people DNA(just search "what DNA companies use it for").

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