This time she started to interrogate me from the very beginning. Pump 9. Definition of Interrogate.

Trying to interrogate officers of the Grand Army would have been asking for trouble: 3. "I'm using the skills you taught me to interrogate someone else," Jonny said. 3. 3: You can set and interrogate these properties using extensions to the existing ESQL vocabulary. Feedback: 1. Examine 7. Trying to interrogate officers of the Grand Army would have been asking for trouble. Debrief 8. An interrogative sentence is simply a sentence that asks a question—that is, we use it when we, On September 1, 2003, Detective Victor Lauria of the Novi Police Department in Detroit, Michigan, used his training in the Reid technique to, 30 sentence examples: 1. 30 sentence examples: 1. 2: The police took a long time to interrogate the offenders fully. Synonyms: 1.Question 2. Probe 4. An i Word suggestions (3): Interrogate, Interrogation, Interrogative, © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. 65 56 "Andre, do me a favor and interrogate the death dealer in the dungeon," Gabriel told the eldest of the brothers. If Jill brings a boy home, she knows her father is going to interrogate him by asking hundreds of questions.
This time she started to interrogate me from the very beginning: 4. Interview 6. 2.
We could interrogate these four wretched men on the floor here, we could also interrogate and torture the men you saw in the film, we could do the same to all of you, including your children. 99. Catechize 5. 19 people chose this as the best definition of interrogate: To examine by questioning See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Quiz 3.

The prosecutor will interrogate the defendant during the trial.

to question someone in a commanding manner. 4 Grill 10. The lawyer took a long time to interrogate the witness fully: 2. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The teacher encouraged us to think and interrogate and tried to resolve all our questions, Ralph and another operative head to the location, Suspected torturers are permitted under the new law to continue to, Especially when eyes drift to her wedding-ringless finger Between mouthfuls our neighbours take it in turns to, At the same rime there was a requirement to self-consciously, One kind of all-fiber structure sensing system is designed based on the long period of fiber grating as edge filter to, But this battle too ultimately ended in defeat leading Optimus Prime to, DeSalvo gets a call from his superiors giving Jack permission to, When patients with ICDs expire, it is appropriate to, The Farlex Grammar Book > English Grammar > Syntax > Sentences > Interrogative Sentences Interrogative Sentences What is an interrogative sentence? Examples of Interrogate in a sentence. The lawyer took a long time to interrogate the witness fully. 4.

When Menendez returned to interrogate me I was prepared but not prepared as in answer all his queries, I was ready to respond in a manner that would give Clemons and myself some leverage. sentence; 1: The lawyers took two hours to interrogate the witness.

The lawyer took a long time to.

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