", "So, you're almost civilised but you also like potatoes," said Katie, at which point Angela fired back "We also have manners as well, usually built in...". Mike Church Show Video- Epic Rant On The #Demoncrat’s “Get Donny”, Russia, Shampeachment & CoronaHoaxes™! “It's actually a script-reference from Blackadder,” she continued.

Not to mention our amazing collection of DVD’s, Cigars, T-Shirts, bumper stickers and other unique selection of items selected by Mike Church! Describing herself as the "Jesus of the outspoken" during the interview, Hopkins warned Scanlon …

We aren’t allowed to own weapons in the UK, we don’t even have armed police officers. Blessed Emperor Karl von Hapsburg of Austria Can Help! No cancer treatment or anything else and our medial professionals went along with it!

We discussed a myriad of subjects including her personal history, which includes her time as an Intelligence Officer with the British Army, as well as her stint on the hit show “The Apprentice”. "Essentially, someone made a reference to myself of a sexual nature involving the f-word and in response, I said, 'Oh he better be hung like a baboon, i.e. We recently sat down with controversial commentator Katie Hopkins.
Radio Station Standing begins our LIVE programming with our all original CRUSADE Channel News hosted by 28 year radio ace, Stacey Cohen. Katie Hopkins Rant On Brexit | Sadiq Khan | Merkel - YouTube ", "No, I don't like it better," retorted Scanlon as Hopkins said, "So go home then.". Heritage Foundation Praises Loomer Campaign for Holding Twitter to Account, The Bab al-Mandab Strait Must Not Fall to Iran, Twitter Bans Thousands Of QAnon Accounts, Ignores Physical Threats, Dangerous Terrorists Groups, And Pedophilic Content, Florida Business Owner Banned From Facebook and Instagram For Ties To Laura Loomer and Roger Stone, BREAKING: Laura Loomer Files Petition For En Banc Review, Challenging Recent DC Circuit Court of Appeals Decision, Leaked Images From PayPal Zoom Meeting Show Anti-Right Wing Bias. I waited there for 15 days, then 14 to isolation, into JFK and 15 days later I spent in Barbados. Back in 2016, Hopkins famously locked horns with Irish TV presenter Angela Scanlon during an interview for BBC Three series Close Encounters. Her ban stemmed from an online altercation with Welsh rugby player Ahston Hewitt. Source:Channel 9 And another: “Had to switch off from the Today show when you put this vile and hateful woman on.

The sign of where a country is at is how many people are practicing in the gun range! AUDIO/VIDEO: Katie Hopkins Breaks the Brit Ban into the USA.

", Responding to Hewitt criticism, Hopkins said: “Am I?

720 Lucerne Ave., Hopkins said this was the post that Twitter banned Hopkins for as it violated their rules against hateful conduct. Irish, Wisdom Wednesday: Sick Of ‘Muricah’s Corrupt Politics? We also have electricity.

Don’t become like us Brits – it will become a Muslim majority like we have become.

All rights reserved. “Many of you will remember 'hung like a baboon' from Blackadder.”. For more information visit LauraLoomerforCongress.com.

Twitter subsequently shut down Hopkins’ account, which has over one million followers, over a violation of its rules on hateful conduct. CoroanaHoax – where there is a will there is a way is really my point when telling you all of this.

We also discussed hot-button topics such as freedom of … Please share Mike’s interview with Katie on Parler and Gab.com! We are the ONLY outlet to cover the Impeachment of President Trump from gavel to gavel! Please share Mike’s interview with Katie on Parler and Gab.com! he better be hung like a donkey',” she wrote. Thank you. [contact-form-7 id="38278" title="Contact Us"], The CRUSADE Channel, A Veritas Radio Network Station, Mike Church-Founder of The CRUSADE Channel, Maggie O'Connell-Founder's Pass Member Services, Richard Barrett-Host and Affiliate Manager, Maggie O’Connell-Founder’s Pass Member Services, Founders Pass Black Friday Sale Memberships, We Need Your CRUSADE Channel Testimonials, https://media.blubrry.com/crusade_on_demand/p/media.blubrry.com/crusade/p/ins.blubrry.com/crusade/Katie_Hopkins_MAGA.mp4, Mike Church Show Video-Inside New Earth Shattering Film “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 2” With The Payne’s, The Barrett Brief – The Media Is Trying To Flip The Hunter Biden Story On Trump.

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