Helluva win, congrats champ!

Soon he established himself as the runner-up light heavyweight Pride fighter, losing only against Wanderlei Silva. However  there have been many talented and accomplished boxers who are both very skillful and proficient. Overall, this fighter probably has the most impressive record when it comes to facing dangerous opponents, it’s no wonder every opponent flinches at his gaze. The epitome of a UFC “Hall of famer”, Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell utilized his seek-and-destroy style of stand-up to rack up the second most career knockouts in UFC history, behind only Anderson Silva. Visit our Tips and Tricks page, featuring video tutorials and submission information. Although vicious, his style grew to be quite unique and that is what fans came to truly like. Ezzard Charles fought in middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions. After debuting in the Octagon as a Heavyweight and putting together consecutive wins over Frank Mir and Roy Nelson, DC transitioned to the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division where he remained undefeated with victories over Patrick Cummins and Dan Henderson. With 14 wins by KO/TKO it’s safe to say that Hendo has some of the heaviest hands in the UFC while also boasting one of the best chins. In the next fight against Jon Jones, he did lose the belt but this modern-day Achilles is still a very capable gatekeeper of the cage. After emerging victorious against Ilir Lafiti in his UFC debut in 2013, Mousasi was recently handed one of the few losses of his career by Lyoto Machida. When it comes to longevity in an MMA career, it’s hard to do much better than Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort. After his boxing career he did take part in MMA and had a professional fight in Japan however this bout proved to be unsuccessful for him and he did lose in the first round. He did lose once, due to a separated shoulder, which was a classic case of the Achilles heel. Primarily known for his striking inside the Octagon, Nogueira has no issues with finishing his fights on the ground and owns six submission wins to go along with his six wins by KO/TKO. On top of that, his career in Pride was equally impressive and the list of defeated opponents includes the above-mentioned Silva. He also boasts one of the most memorable knockout celebrations in UFC history. The reason why fans know Wanderlei Silva as “The Axe Murderer“  doesn’t simply lie in his violent approach inside the cage. Evander Holyfield successfully moved up from the light-heavyweight division to the cruiserweight division and eventually the heavyweight division and became undisputed champion of the latter two. There are quite a few boxers who never made the cut and quite a few. His 2010 bout of against Anderson Silva won Fight of the Year and is considered by many an instant classic. Many light heavyweight champions unsuccessfully challenged for the heavyweight crown until Michael Spinks became the first reigning light heavyweight champion to win the heavyweight championship. Just with a look, Silva was able to strike fear into his opponents as he was ready to fight anyone in any weight class. That said, this list is far from objective. A talented wrestler with a sharp tongue, The American Gangster never holds back on the trash talk leading up to his bouts and backs it up with an aggressive style once inside the Octagon. Bob Fitzsimmons captured the light-heavyweight championship after losing his heavyweight championship. The list before you is not based solely on statistics but on the overall impression. Four-man tournaments are the standard, with … The awards were revealed just... RETRIBUTION recently participated in their first official WWE photo shoot. Evander Holyfield successfully moved up from the light-heavyweight division to the cruiserweight division and eventually the heavyweight division and became undisputed champion of the latter two. If you think we missed any boxer from the list or don’t agree with us, let us know in the comments. The boxing press accepted the new weight division and Root was accepted as the inaugural world champion. We simply think that these fighters have left the deepest mark through a combination of their winning streaks and charismatic, unique approach to the sport. Today things are a bit different, the UFC has grown as has the number of fighters and other divisions run deeper. #andnew #UFC253 Spinks was an exceptional boxer only losing one fight throughout his whole career. light heavyweight Significado, definición, qué es light heavyweight: a boxer whose weight is between middleweight and heavyweight. An amazing 19 of Shogun’s 22 career victories have come by way of KO/TKO, scoring his most recent against James Te Huna in Brisbane, Australia.

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