Maury Sterling's character Max Piotrowski was always running on borrowed time the minute he was captured by the Taliban. Played by Numan Acar, Haissam Haqqani is a Taliban commander, and later the organization's leader. Stream SHOWTIME series, movies, documentaries, sports and much more all on your favorite devices.

He also presides over an underground corporation that deploys vast amounts of fake social media accounts in order to influence the general population with his agenda; one of his main orders of business is to discredit Keane before she takes office. I Norge har serien blitt vist på TV 2. He was robbed of his government check and after Carrie was notified that he was missing she located him and attempted to return him to the hospital, he violently resisted it and she decided to let him move into the apartment downstairs from her and Frannie. Dana is overcome with guilt. Brody is executed in Tehran, but despite this, Saul's plan is a success. Saul discovers that Estes and then-CIA-director Walden ordered a drone strike launched in Abu Nazir's homeland, resulting in the destruction of a nearby school and that his efforts to undermine Carrie were actually an attempt to cover up the incident.

He later infiltrated the ISIS cell (led by Hajik Zayd, a convicted jihadist released after the journalist Laura Sutton revealed that he was illegally put under surveillance and imprisoned by the German Bundesnachrichtendienst) and discovered their plan to use chemical weapons in Berlin. He also discovered that Dar Adal was connected to O'Keefe which led to his phone being confiscated and Dar questioning him. (Foto: TV 2, Showtime) Tydelig retning og god energi. Played by Laila Robins, Martha Boyd is the United States ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He was also behind the operation to kill or capture the Langley bomber, who was still residing in the United States. Allison agreed only to find out that it was all a setup to blackmail her into helping keep an eye on the CIA for Russia. Played by Jackson Pace, Chris Brody is the son of Nicholas and Jessica and younger brother to Dana. After Carrie returned to Brooklyn and brought Quinn home to live in the apartment below hers following his near death experience after the sarin gas attack in Berlin, she asked Max to keep an eye on him while she went to work. Both Brody and Abu Nazir hold him accountable for the drone strike that killed Nazir's son Issa. He was the boyfriend of Dana whom she broke up with when she met Finn Walden. He is attacked in one of his missions and shot, and takes a few weeks to recover. The Brody family still comes to depend on Mike when they are neglected by Nicholas. Faisel is killed, and Morgan is arrested in Mexico by Saul Berenson. Saul, with the help of Fara Sherazi, finds that Javadi embezzled millions from his own nation to fund the attack, making him an enemy of the Iranian state should this ever be revealed. Played by Chris Chalk, Thomas Patrick Walker is a Marine who was in active duty along with Nicholas Brody when they were both captured by al-Qaeda forces. Her relationship with her father deteriorates when she wants to report the accident to the police, but her father doesn't allow it (his hand is forced by the CIA), much to her disillusionment. They were paid by Carrie Mathison to conduct surveillance before the former branched out on his own. When his father's behavior becomes more erratic, Chris finds comfort in the familiar presence of Mike Faber.
He has a tense relationship with Carrie, partly due to a past affair with her which led to the end of Estes' marriage. Mike and a fellow Marine, Lauder Wakefield, feel that Brody may have had something to do with the murder of Tom Walker and investigate the matter. Following the attempted assassination on Elizabeth Keane, a number of government officials, including Saul Berenson, were arrested.

Once in Tehran, Brody is to kill Danesh Akbari, leader of the Revolutionary Guard, who will be replaced by Javadi, ushering in a regime change in the nation.

He comes to suspect that Brody was involved in the death of Tom Walker.
The characters are listed in the order they were first credited in the series.

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