ABS is standard equipment, with ESP® adjustable in three stages as is usual for AMG. The most important information is displayed on the road in the line of vision above the steering wheel, so that the driver is not distracted. A multi-link set-up with pushrods is used in all four corners, with the springs and dampers replacing a traditional tubular cross member. That’s what makes it special and unique. The overall responsibility for the realization of Project ONE lies with Mercedes- AMG. The phrase “AMG Carbon Ceramic” is branded onto the calipers, just in case you forget. After all, when you’ve got something like the Bugatti Chiron claiming 261 mph at the top end, 217 mph could be seen as a bit of a let down. “Here too every detail has a function, with nothing included merely for visual reasons,” says Mercedes.

The steering wheel with flattened upper and lower sections and an integrated airbag offers motorsport functionality, as do the two integrated controllers which can be used to set adjustment functions such as the driving modes and suspension setup, or the LED shift display in the upper steering wheel area. Flat LED headlamps blend seamlessly into the body contours.

Moving rearwards, we find a spherical shape for the greenhouse, on top of which is mounted that oval intake to force feed the engine, looking like it was plucked straight from F1. There are also two further 120 kW electric motors at the front axle. Ever since the early days of motorsport, engineers have dreamed of bringing motor racing technology to the road. For instance, the driver can move off purely electrically, initially with just the electric motors on the front axle driving the hypercar and the electric motor on the crankshaft supporting short-term acceleration wishes.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mercedes-AMG Project One. The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE: the future of driving performance. Impressive acceleration figures are possible with the Race Start function: Acceleration from zero to 112 mph (200 km/h) takes under six seconds. But here’s the thing – the Project One isn’t about top speed. The sharp, vertical spoiler lip and the large, two-section diffuser, which is interrupted by the central exhaust tailpipe, as well as the two-stage extendible rear aerofoil, contribute to aerodynamic efficiency and performance at high speeds. The screen and nozzles form a single unit, emphasizing the lightweight design principle of the whole.

Faced with intense competition, we develop technologies from which our production vehicles also subsequently benefit. Gullwing doors are used to get in and out, a nod to the 300 SL of the past and the SLS of the present, and a fittingly dramatic form of ingress and egress for a machine such as this. Note: Le Mans LMP1 prototype racer pictured here.

Incredibly, Merc claims a thermal efficiency of 40 percent for the ICE, which is frankly pretty insane for any car, let alone a fire-breathing hypercar. Tuning Kit bonus: +57 5. There is also yellow contrasting topstitching. The concept car gives specific indications of what to expect from the upcoming production model. I for one can’t wait to see this thing line up against the Merc. The two high-resolution, free-standing 10-inch displays (one slightly raised in front of the driver, the other on the right of the center console angled towards the driver) are adapted with high-quality and weight- optimized solid metal components. Like Merc’s F1 car, the powertrain starts with a 1.6-liter V-6 with direct injection, overhead cams driven by spur gears, and pneumatic valve springs. Mercedes Benz Biome Top Speed March 23, 2019 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; Mercedes Benz B Class F Cell Comes To California Breaking Mercedes. The vehicle is mid-engined (ahead of the rear axle) and it can easily reach speeds of 11,000 rpm, which is currently unique for a roadgoing vehicle. Also seamlessly integrated as a unit are a high-quality stowage compartment, a reduced switch array and the engine start button. The seat surfaces are interspersed with nappa leather in magma grey and inlays in a sporty textile mesh which optimally assists the air circulation of the seats. Put into perspective, the Project One isn’t the most comfortable thing on the road, but it isn’t a total dungeon, either. Others think it’s just downright ugly. But I suppose that’s the new reality when it comes to the top echelon of street performance. The tires are Michelin’s Pilot Sport Cup 2 compound, measuring in at 285/35R19 and 335/30R20, front to back, respectively. A two-stage extendible rear spoiler balances the downforce, complemented by a two-section diffuser below. The trapezoidal center section bears a large, white AMG logo. The Formula 1 designation for this unit is MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit Heat). Regardless, the Project One is already a massive hit, garnering huge attention for Mercedes-AMG and nearly selling out even before its big sheet pull. Two large NACA air inlets ensure optimum guidance of the airflows for the engine and transmission oil coolers located at the rear end. 20 Mercedes Benz Race …

"The hypercar is the most ambitious project we have every undertaken. The innovative arrangement of the spring/damper unit replaces the function and application of conventional tubular cross members. Following a series of murky teaser images, the Project One is now out in its full carbon fiber glory, and our first impressions are… well, mixed.
And besides, 11,000 rpm is still mighty impressive, don’t you think? who designed the paintwork for the Formula 1 racing car. The big difference here is that the Merc was inspired by Formula 1 technology, a sport wherein top speed plays second fiddle to grip, acceleration, and aerodynamics. Making the good noise is a central exhaust pipe with two smaller outlets, a design once again used on the F1 car. That’s It - AMG Should Definitely Take On Ferrari and McLaren, The F1-Powered Hybrid AMG One Hypercar Is Still Happening, But Not Until 2021, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, © Copyright TopSpeed. If the driver presses the accelerator more firmly and demands more output, the V6 engine also switches on. "Motorsport is not an end in itself for us. The thermal efficiency of the combustion engine with electric turbocharger (MGU-H) in conjunction with the electric motor on the crankshaft (MGU-K) will be over 40 percent. The electric motors on the front axle are also true rev wonders, with rotor revolutions up to 50,000 rpm – current state of the art is a speed of 20,000 rpm. 2010 mercedes-benz biome concept media gallery. The adjustable coil-over suspension has several special features: Both push-rod spring struts have been installed across the direction of travel.

Drivers sit in a carbon fiber tub, stick harder with active aerodynamics, and turn better with push rod suspension. Peak output is rated at over 1,000 horsepower, while top speed clocks in at 217 mph. The door panels are in functional, high-grade carbon-fiber, and integrate smoothly into the sporty interior. The very high-revving engine is additionally boosted by a high-tech turbocharger. Mar 7, 2019 - Explore IzabellaOrtega's board "Mercedes Benz biome" on Pinterest. What’s more, in terms of harshness and noise, we expect the Project One to be relatively livable on the street, without the break-your-back attitude of most racers designed for the road.
The black air outlets in the hood guide the hot airflow around the sides of the driver compartment. The wheels also get three “ventilation slots” to help cool the brakes. The exhaust gas and compressor turbines are separated from one another and located at an optimum position to the exhaust side and to the

As a result, the profile and roofline are reminiscent of a Le Mans LMP1 prototype endurance racer. And yet, here we are. The "AMG Carbon Ceramic" lettering and the specially painted brake calipers visually distinguish this unique braking system.

In the nose is a trapezoidal central intake and mesh grille emblazoned with the AMG logo in white, plus the requisite three-pointed Mercedes star in silver higher up on the nose. This has a radial carbon-fiber semi-cover with an aerodynamically sophisticated shape: this improves the car’s aerodynamics and Cd figure by optimizing the airflow around the wheels. As if to mirror the aero winglets of the exterior, the door paneling is visually interrupted to create space for technical implements and a generously concave door center panel. The interior design concept of this ultimate driving machine follows function on the racetrack, and this is expressed in the radical design idiom. Interior with functional structural parts.

But – will it be enough to topple the current breed? The show car combines outstanding racetrack performance and day-to-day suitable Formula 1 hybrid technology with exemplary efficiency. The taillights use three “rhomboid” elements, similar to the headlights, suggestive in shape as the AMG logo.

"The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is the hottest and coolest car we have ever designed.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 (stats) Edit. Hood-mounted vents near the windshield guide hot air towards the sides of the car and around the cabin, thus allowing colder, fresher air to make its way into the central intake on the roof. The hallmark AMG A-wing below the center section creates a silver- colored highlight, and seamlessly transitions into the front fenders. Will it really see any track time, or will be just another garage queen.

The four overhead camshafts are driven by spur gears. The following is a list of vehicles produced by Daimler-Benz and their successors, ordered by year of introduction. Of course, we had to include one of the original members of the hybrid hypercar holy trinity in the competition list, and nothing scream F1 quite like a Ferrari. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship, 1.6-liter V6 with direct injection, four valves per cylinder, four overhead camshafts and electrically boosted single turbocharger, electric motor connected to the crankshaft, Variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive with hybrid-drive rear axle, electrically driven front axle and torque vectoring, Automated AMG SPEEDSHIFT 8-speed manual transmission, Get ready to rev your very own Formula 1 engine on the way to the mall, Seriously expensive, and you can’t buy one anyway, 217 mph isn’t all that impressive anymore. Thanks to the higher voltage levels it is possible to influence elements, such as significantly reducing the cable diameters and accordingly saving design space and weight.

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