Favorite Clothing Designer: IceBerg, Coogi, Omarion Full Name: Omarion Ishmael GrandberryBirthday: The activity peaks in late February, and the maximum amount of meteors averages around 5 per hour. This artist has made a difference to me and I would like to work with her musically:

Also, it seems you meant to edit your first comment, but ended up posting it twice (fyi). And in the meantime, here are the zodiac signs, listed in order along with what they mean, and some interesting facts associated with their respective constellations: The sign of Aries, which covers 0° to 30° of celestial longitude, is represented by The Ram, which is based on the Chrysomallus – the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology. Sagittarius is also home to the M17 Omega Nebula (also known as the Horseshoe or Swan Nebula). In terms of deep-sky objects, Cancer is best known as being the home of Messier Object 44 (aka. And the strange urge to understand it all, why and how we could ever do that, we just take it for granted.

There is one annual meteor shower associated with Pisces which peaks on or about October 7 of each year. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbJ42wpShvmkjd428BcHcCEVWOjv7cJ1G, Weekly email newsletter: Born on November 12 #9. With its strong influence on your personality, character, and emotions, your sign is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and your relationships. Favorite Sports: Basketball

Favorite Movie: Brave Heart

And Gliese 849 is a red dwarf star orbited by the first known long-period Jupiter-like planet, Gliese 849 b. Aquarius is also associated with multiple Messier objects. Then there’s the Saturn Nebula (NGC 7009) so-named because of its apparent resemblance to the planet Saturn through a telescope, with faint protrusions on either side that resemble Saturn’s rings. This book was responsible for the spread of astrology’s as we know it across Europe and the Middle East during the time of the Roman Empire.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The most frequently asked questions are, is Omarion single or dating with someone, which is then followed by who is Omarion dating? The brightest star in Capricornus is Delta Capricorni, also called Deneb Algedi.

Favorite Team(s): Lakers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0-KklSGlCiJDwOPdR2EUcg/, Astronomy Cast:

For example, HIP 14810, a G5 type star, is orbited by three confirmed exoplanets, all of them giant planets (all Super-Earths). 135 lbs My favorite band: Boyz II Men

Join us at patreon.com/universetoday. Age 33 years old. Simply because people live by making things work. This includes Messier 8 (the Lagoon Nebula), an emission (red) nebula located 5,000 light years from Earth which measures 140 by 60 light years. Messier 45, The Seven Sisters) this cluster of stars is located perpendicular to Aldebaran in the night sky, and is visible to the unaided eye. Beta Sagittarii, located at a position associated with the forelegs of the centaur, has the traditional name Arkab, which is Arabic for “achilles tendon.”. The ruling celestial body of Pisces is traditionally Jupiter, but has since come to be Neptune.

Another bright star in the Capricorni constellation is Alpha Capricorni (Algedi or Geidi, Arabic for “the kid”), which is an optical double star (two stars that appear close together) – both o which are binaries.

The strengths of this sign are being resourceful, brave, passionate, a true friend, while weaknesses can be distrusting, jealous, secretive and violent. This 3.5 magnitude star is located 290 light-years from Earth and is a binary star system that consists of a spectral type K4III orange giant and a magnitude 14 red dwarf. "If i was an animal: "I'd be a tiger. Virgo is part of the Sixth House – Valetudo (Health) in Latin, or House of Health in modern times. Naturally, the birth of the modern psychology, biology and astronomy has completely discredited the notion that our personalities are determined by birth signs, the position of the stars or the planets. Required fields are marked *.

As such, the zodiac signs no longer correspond to constellations of stars that appear in night sky. Astrobiological imaginations about “people” living around the stars are from the 17th century. And then there is the galaxy group known as HCG 87, a group of at least three galaxies located 400 million light-years from Earth. It is an orange giant of magnitude 3.9, and is located 152 light-years from Earth.

Favorite Color: Red "If i was an animal: "I'd be a tiger. Alpha Libae is a double star consisting of an A3 primary star with a slight blue tinge and a fainter type F4 companion, both of which are located approximately 77 light years from our Sun. My favorite hobbies are: Writing Music, Playing Instruments and Basketball. Both Gliese 581 d and Gliese 581 g are considered to be some of the most promising candidates for life. Artists Nickname(s): Omarion Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/universetoday This artist has made a difference to me and I would like to work with her musically: Omarion was born in Inglewood, CA on November 12, 1984. The sign of Taurus, which covers 30° to 60° of celestial longitude, is represented by The Bull – which is based on the Cretan Bull that fathered the Minotaur and was killed by Theseus. This knowledge could benefit you. Omarion is 1 of the famous people in our database with the age of 34 years old. Northern Jewel Box), and the globular clusters Messier 4 and Messier 80 (NGC 6093). There’s still astrology in astronomy, although every astronomer today hates to admit it.

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