I had a problem with the bookcase 'cause I didn't know if I could learn a new spell or what? Since most of my deaths were from falling, would have liked SPACE key to respawn. Collect, craft, and customize your gear. On the following level (watermelons), the portal didn't show me the level you teleport to, it was just transparent. Thank you so much, this is great feedback! Gameplay: Jumping and ability usage seemed unnecessary due to primary fire from distance being extremely strong. RIFT is an epic fantasy adventure set in the magical world of Telara. You've got a lot of talent and skill, I'm excited to see you continue developing the project. I couldn't do damage to the crystal floating in the sky surrounded by pumpkins. I am uploading the project here in order to gain valuable feedback from enthusiastic play testers and developers who have a passion for supporting in development games.

Would have preferred it runs once at level start, then ends. Thanks again!

Untapped and powerful knowledge of the magical arts lies within the Rift, guarded by the realms chaotic energies and fearsome inhabitants.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvYncOsqMfxzK5lBp1iY8xdhoeDfmB8… I also had one level where they never counted up (it was at the end of the pepper level). Good job overall though. Thanks a ton for the feedback! And since there's dashing and double-jumping, you could add more places to climb on top of.

All in all, keep up the great work!

LEARN MORE. And at the end of the watermelon level, after destroying the final big gate crystal thing, I just became stuck in place but no menu came up. Here are the locations for the rift zones on Fortnite island: Loot Lake Retail Row Moisty Palms Tilted Town Greasy Grove The orbs you collect to refill your health and mana bars look a lot like some of the enemy projectiles, so quite often I would see all these glowy orbs flying at me at not know what's bad or good.

Rift World Discord: https://discord.gg/vrTY5Yb, Rift World Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/okspszZMGhMdn8YN8. Create your perfect hero thanks to a uniquely customizable class system. Stopped playing. Maybe in later levels it becomes more important. Why press an additional key for ground slam?

The blocky minecraft hands don't seem to match the low poly environments and enemies. Enjoyed the visuals, basicaly.

They just need tweaking to handle better IMO.At the end of the level, the sound effects when counting up your score are really loud relative to everything else, I'd recommend making them quieter. A young mage with a wanderlust for knowledge and adventure, you create a magical portal that leads to a distant and chaotic realm known as the Rift. I am learning Unity and hope to make a something as good as this! If I start using it, I end up jumping in the middle of enemies and get thrown of the map. I think the basic mechanics you have for movement though are good, like the double jumping and dashing and slow falling, etc. The settings button does not work while in the tutorial. So I just sit still. Thanks for giving the game a try and providing some great feedback!

That said I do like the levels, I love the different pumpkins and melons and stuff, the level design and basic jumping puzzles are sweet (although would greatly benefit from better movement). Typical rift features are a central linear downfaulteddepression, called a graben, or more commonly a half-grabenwith normal faulting and rift-flank uplifts mainly on one side. I would also get a little turned around and lost at points, especially after respawning, since the levels look really similar forwards and backwards so it's not always obvious which way to proceed. an open space, as in a forest or cloud mass, or a clear interval. Instead of moving upwards. The creativity required to create these different enemies and enemy tactics is really impressive, so good work on that. Had to exit back to the main menu and now I have to start it over :/ (Unless that was the final level).Lastly, it felt rather confusing at a lot of times.
The top left corner text is half off screen for me. Shooting stuff like treasure chest, pillars, and mushrooms makes it an interactive world. As an Ascended hero, you’ll battle against legions of elemental invaders, purge evils from dungeons and raids, and explore your way across the vast planes of existence. Rift World is a first person bullet hell set in a magical and chaotic realm! After graduating in February of 2020 I have begun planning out the future of Rift World's development. Liked the direction.

Fires of Maelforge Power Pack Two MILLION Loyalty! In other words, flap my wings. It's really low compared to music but even the sound is off. I agree with your points and will be looking into solutions to remedy some of the confusion and make general improvements. Media; Community; Store.

With Rift, dive into a world of epic adventure!

Just finished it. Did have a few minutes of fun with your game. I was amazed when I discovered that I could hit flying rocks, and send them flying away. It took me a while to figure out where the dash cooldown is shown, but it's a nice touch. Ill play around with the idea and see where it leads, Colorful, atmospheric, and hand crafted level design. I could see that creating some pretty tense situations. I also felt like the character was rather short (like 3'), I think it might feel more normal if they were a bit taller (like 5'-6').

Would have enjoyed to be able to jump anytime in mid-air. When double jump moves me forward, I just hit the wall. Checkpoints were confusing at first. Instead of dropping to death. As for gameplay, seems pretty good so far. a difference in opinion, belief, or interest that causes such a …

Click download now to get access to the following files: Really like the visuals and feels like a solid game. Got stuck on the pumpkin level. I was hammering that already. Not liking the shooting sound. With that, would come some new enemies, able to jump or fly. Didn't know where to go in first level. Storm Legion Packs Crucia Mounts, Live & Prime LEARN MORE. Sticky October 1, 2020. gamigo is turning 20 years old!

The enemies right now are pretty easy to kill, since they come at you from 1 direction and you can just sit back and kill they as they come. 20 years of memories, ups and downs, friendships, soulmates, enemies and kinship.

It would be cool to be somewhat of a rare occurrence and be like a homing missile so you would have to get into a safe position not to be thrown off the map, but not be able to really escape it. During this time I started a prototype and began the early development stages of the game.

I like how some of the enemies just throw you off the map. I greatly appreciate it and am happy that you are enjoying the project so far! Hey! I love how the enemies destroy columns if I climb on top but I feel like if the movement was tighter and more places to climb, might make it more fun. a break in friendly relations: a rift between two people; a rift between two nations. They looked like that thing that I need to destroy for gates. The sound effects are awesome.

In geology, a riftis a linear zone where the lithosphereis being pulled apartand is an example of extensional tectonics.

Overall, I enjoyed the game, even though it's a bit all of the same for now.

Code Redemption; Search.

It feels slow, even the dashing.

I only had the fire element, I don't know what I was supposed to do to get 2 and 3... Maybe in the future versions? You also can't seem to jump when you're running against a wall, which is a real pain. Instead of taking life away, they just throw you around while you try no to get thrown off the map. I found a way around the purple barrier by jumping leftward on the rocks but was killed due to being in a restricted area? But I turned it off after the tutorial. That could be a secondary game mechanic. You made some really great points that I will definitely be looking into. Overall I think you've got something pretty good here. LATEST NEWS & UPDATES. Nice work! In terms of problems or areas that need improvement, I'm sure others mentioned this too, but I found the movement to be a little floaty, and not very fluid for jumping and dashing. A small particle system to show objects that do something for the player would be nice. Make a twinkle around the barrels to make it more obvious they can be used? Small rocks and branches would catch the character, stopping or diverting their movement. Since you seem like you'd love some feedback... First of all, the instructions vanish really fast, add a "start" button on the loading screen to allow some time to read.

Would have enjoyed health regen out of combat. The destructible objects are great! What is RIFT? The feedback and information delivered by play testers is invaluable, and getting players engaged even in the early stages of development is a key factor in any games success.

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