Rock of Ages, cleft for me , p. 970, i. “Not the labors of my hands 1. There is big joy in me after singing the song. The old tunes are more solemn.

Hastings (1784-1872) lived in New York and was an advocate with Lowell Mason for music education and Singing Schools.

Written for this text, it was first published in Spiritual Songs for Social Worship, edited by Hastings and Lowell Mason, in 1832.

Four lines of this hymn by Augustus Toplady (1740–1778) were published in the October 1775 issue of The Gospel Magazine, near the end of an article, “Life a Journey” (Fig.
We can preach the gospel to others by singing hymns, such as Hymns, #1058.
Burden is a church music student of Dr. Michael Hawn’s at Perkins School of Theology. Are parts of this score outside of your desired range?

can fulfill thy law's demands; The blood is for redemption, and the water is for the imparting of the divine life.

of Rowland Hill's Collection of Psalms & Hymns, No. Many husbands do not want to lose their temper with their wife. "Toplady was one day overtaken by a heavy thunder¬storm in Harrington Coombe, on the edge of my property, a rocky glen running up into the heart of the Mendips range, and there, taking shelter between two massive piers of our native limestone rock, he penned this hymn,”Rock of Ages.'". The key point of this hymn is found in the last lines of the first stanza: "Let the water and the blood, / From Thy riven side which flowed, / Be of sin the double cure, / Save me … First He washes away our sins, and second He regenerates us. J. Ithel Jones, et al., “Rock of ages,” The Baptist Hymn Book Companion, rev. let me hide myself in thee;

Rock of ages, cleft for me with TOPLADY PETRA (REDHEAD 76) I. ", https://www.hymnal.net/Hymns/Hymnal/svg/e1058_p.svg, https://www.hymnal.net/Hymns/Hymnal/svg/e1058_g.svg, CWWL, 1984, vol.

It has been a stay of comfort in days of peril and in the hour of death. John Julian, “Rock of ages, cleft for me,” A Dictionary of Hymnology (London, 1892), pp. "When my heartstrings break in death." The blood redeems us from the eternal punishment related to our sins, and the water saves us from the power of sin. The hymn appeared in its full form in the March issue of The Gospel Magazine, 1776 (Fig. Let me hide myself in Thee! simply to the cross I cling; Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee! 7. Wesleyan Hymn Book, 1830, as above. Redemption delivers us from our sinful deeds, and salvation delivers us from our sinful nature. (3.) 6. Please consider white-listing Hymnary.org or, Justifying Grace: Pardon; Eternal Life; Faith, ; Forgiveness; Grace; Jesus Christ: Blood; Jesus Christ: Cross; Pardon; Penitence; Service Music: Confession and Pardon Prayer, ROCK OF AGES, CLEFT FOR ME (United Methodist Hymnal 361), Peace Like a River (Heartfelt Hymn Settings for Organ and Piano). After World War II there was a desire in the United States for new things; consequently, many new tunes were written for hymns. His statement is:—. could my tears forever flow,

Toplady was a staunch Calvinist and notorious for his dislike of and feuds with John Wesley. when I soar to worlds unknown,

Stanza 4, line 3 reads, “When I soar to worlds unknown,” versus the original, “When I soar through tracts unknown.” This version of the hymn is regarded as Toplady’s official text. The Gospel Magazine (October 1775). The water denotes the Lord's resurrection life, which enters into us and is the power to deliver us from the power of sin. An a capella setting of the third stanza (“Nothing in my hand I bring”) is found in “Five Choral Stanzas, Set 2” which may be used as an interlude during congregational singing of this hymn. By R. Bingham from Toplady's full text, slightly altered, in his Hymno. 7). How can we resolve the problem of sin and sins? This for sin could not atone;

"When my eyes shall close in death." “Look to the blood of the covenant, and say to the Lord, from the depth of your heart, ‘Rock of Ages, cleft for me,’ …”. Not the labor of my hands. The line with which Toplady originally concluded the first stanza was “cleanse me from its guilt and power,” but Cotterill wrote “save from wrath and make me pure.” Various hymnals contain other minor variations, but none of these affect the meaning of the text in any significant way. I praise God for the composer. "Saeculorum, pro me fissa." Written in a four-part harmony, TOPLADY can be sung with piano, organ or a cappella. Fig. 2. Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee; let the water and the blood, from thy wounded side which flowed, be of sin the double cure; save from wrath and make me pure. TOPLADY and REDHEAD 76 have a similar structure: the first and last phrases are nearly identical, as are the two halves of the middle phrase. Ad revenue helps keep us running. The crucial line of the original, “When my eye-strings break in death” has been altered as:—.

3. .

This hymn also speaks of "the water and the blood" that flowed from the Lord's side. Our hymnal includes almost all the good tunes for hymns. As an Amazon Associate, qualifying purchases made through links to Amazon help fund the research and development behind this website.

save from wrath and make me pure. Relevant Scripture passages include the two instances of Moses striking a rock, in Exodus 17 and Numbers 20 (1 Corinthians 10:4 relates these events to Christ), the story of Moses hiding in the cleft of the rock in Exodus 33:12–23, and the piercing of Jesus, releasing blood and water, in John 19:34.

This song makes my life feel like am in heaven.

by CHRIS FENNERfor Hymnology Archive26 April 2019. Some commentaries erroneously report how Redhead’s original tune was printed with or written for “Rock of ages.” None of Redhead’s tunes in this collection contained texts or text references, although the preface states his tunebook was intended as a companion for Introits and Hymns, with Some Anthems Adapted to the Seasons of the Christian Year (London: Joseph Masters, 1852), in which “Rock of ages” appeared as no.

4, no.

After twenty or thirty years, however, no one is singing the new tunes; people prefer the traditional tunes. "Rupes aevum fissa quondam." While evidence to support that story is lacking, it does provide a vivid image through which to understand the hymn.

He published Psalms and Hymns for a Public and Private Worship (1776) and served as editor of the Gospel Magazine from 1771-1776. Dr. H. B. Swete, now Reg. Cotterill, 1815, as above.

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Only the Spirit of life can solve our problem concerning the law of sin and of death. Fig. 9. all for sin could not atone;

when I soar to worlds unknown, St. iii. I translated this hymn into Chinese, and Brother Nee polished it and made some improvements, including my translation of the line "Be of sin the double cure." When mine eye lids close in death, In the Times, June 3, 1898, Dean Lefroy of Norwich has a letter respecting this hymn, together with one from Sir W. H. Wills on the same matter, The burden of this correspondence is a claim made by Sir W. H. Wills as to the origin of this hymn. Some influential alterations were made by Thomas Cotterill for his Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use, as early as the 5th edition (1814 | Fig. (6.)

Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Worship (London: E. & C. Dilly, 1776). (1.) The hymn "Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me" (Hymns, #1058) is a good Christian song. The following are the first lines of some versions in Latin:—

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