Ngwu: Ngwu is a popular igbo masquerade named after the ngwu deity, the ngwo masquerade only comes out once if a while or during the burial of a great man or initiate in the community, Ngwu masquerades are great dancers. This festival is the same as the Masskara festival here in the Philippines. All that glitters is not gold but igbo ladies are beautiful. Some masks are designed to be beautiful, intimidating or downright sinister. Ekpe: The Ekpe masquerade is popular among the Igbo of Abia State, Enugu state and Ebonyi State. Its major attribute is demonstration of youthfulness with specialty in intimidation. The mystique surrounding the masquerade is one of the key components of the Igbo culture that survived Western influences. The etsu (ruler) of Nupe had accepted Islam, and a few teachers and itinerant preachers were also known in parts of the Oyo empire. Wow! While the masquerade perform to to tone of the music being played by its cult member, its charm carrier clears the way for them. ur write-up is based on ur opinion. 22. They are proper scary , Masquerades reveal colors and magic and the state of the world. It looks like such an amazing festival out there. 18. @ Orikinla: Abeg fashe most beautiful. It uses this to shake hands, to collect money and to greet people who are in the cult, or other great masquerades. Ekpo: The Ekpo masquerade acts as a police man who enforces the laws of the land especially the laws of the Ekpo. 23. I really love how creative the Ịzaga masquerade is! Omaba:  Omaba is a popular Igbo masquerade among the Igbos within the northern Igbo area of Nsukka, Omaba masquerade comes in different masks and mostly appear and display during the omaba festival. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When Usman died in 1817, Muhammad Bello succeeded him as amīr al-muʾminīn, while Abdullahi, as emir of Gwandu, was given charge of the western emirates, notably Nupe and Ilorin. I am glad I came across your post today. Every single U.S. state, from the West Coast to the East Coast, has something to offer its residents in terms of the great outdoors. 71Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. 25. In this way, all the Hausa states, parts of Borno, Nupe, Ilorin, and Fulani outposts in Bauchi and Adamawa were drawn into a single politico-religious system. The Omaba is very similar to our Masskara festival here in the Philippines. 13. The Ekpo masquerade acts as a police man who enforces the laws of the land especially the laws of the Ekpo. Some wonderful masquerades as well. Deep-seated conflicts arose between the alafin, or ruler, and his chiefs, including both provincial rulers and lineage chiefs and councillors at the capital. I don see WORWOR Igbo babes. Wow, what an amazing festival. Do you plan on hiving or want a reason to.. known as the biggest Masquerade in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ijele was listed in the UNESCO Archives as an intangible cultural element in need of urgent safeguarding. Wonderful festival. 11. speaking from experience. Ojionu: The Ojionu masquerade is a water spirit character represented by a headdress of crocodiles, sharks and other water creatures. What an amazing festival! Each tribe has its beautiful and ugly ones. Top 10 most popular traditional dance in Igbo land, Seven Most Popular Traditional Festival Celebrated In Yoruba land, 10 Most Colourful Festivals Celebrated In West African, Top 10 most popular traditional dance in Igbo land - Outravelandtour, My Visit To The HillTown Of Ugbo - Outravelandtour, Ten most popular traditional festival celebrated in Igbo land. 4. In 1804 he called on his followers and all lovers of true Islam to rise up and overthrow the unjust rulers. Promoting Tourism, Culture, Food and Travel within Nigeria and Africa. 6. Nigeria - Nigeria - Igboland and the delta city-states: Many Nigerian peoples did not develop centralized monarchical states. It’s always so interesting to me to learn how different cultures express emotions and celebrate different occasions. This pressure, in turn, pushed the Egba farther south, where they founded the town of Abeokuta about 1830. The Odogwu is also known for the highly charged chanting that accompany its rhythms. Most Ekpe masquerade are used to enforce law in the community and its said to be the link to their ancestors. These assume the appearance of the creatures that they have their names attached. Mkpamkpankụ is brisk, aggressive, agile and notorious in its own way. Each masquerade possesses particular attributes (warrior-like prowess, mystical powers, youthfulness, and old age) and specializes in one or more skills (dancing skills, acrobatics, and other ritual manifestations). The high degree of communication that existed at this time among the different peoples in the area that would become Nigeria was evidenced when the call to jihad (“struggle” or “battle”)—made in Gudu, in the northwest—had repercussions throughout the entire area comprising the present-day country. The Igbo quest for the highest office in the land is a journey for an ideal, a quest for a substantive re-think without which we cannot have a nation devoid of malice and continuous rancour. My daughter always wanted to do a kind of masquerade. Odo masquerade represents a deity who affords the living a chance to commune with their dead in line with the Igbo Traditional belief. 15. All of these are so elaborate and vibrant! Odo: Odo is a masquerade of the Igbo people peculiar to the northern Igbo people of Enugu State. Mkpamkpankụ: is a very serious, fully masculine-featured masquerade. Love all the great pics. I did not know about this place. Combine them, and you get 3,288 miles of Tim Allen-approved pure Michigan coast, and the most beautiful state east of the Mississippi River. Pingback:Top 10 most popular traditional dance in Igbo land - Outravelandtour, Pingback:My Visit To The HillTown Of Ugbo - Outravelandtour, Pingback:Ten most popular traditional festival celebrated in Igbo land. It is really nice to learn more about different cultures and their festivals/celebrations. Mmanwu Ugo: Mmanwu Ugo, Eagle masquerade is an entertainment masquerade popular among the people of Anambra. Your email address will not be published. A group of Muslim intellectuals, most of them Fulani led by Usman dan Fodio, were unhappy that in all these places the rulers allowed the practice of Islam to be mixed with aspects of traditional religion and that nowhere was Islamic law (the Sharīʿah) observed in full. And the next in line, the Yoruba, suffers this “deficit”. In Igbo culture, the masquerade (Mmanwu) embodies the spirit and human worlds. Mmanwu Atu : These assume the appearance of the creatures that they have their names attached. I did not realize there are a lot of Igbo Masquerades. That is, for all practical points, there are no Hausa-Fulani in the race to be the face of Nigeria’s most beautiful women. All rights reserved. 7. By the 17th and 18th centuries, at the height of the slave trade, the delta city-states had become the principal outlets of that activity. I love reading about different cultures and festivals and celebrations, this looks amazing full of life and colour thank you for sharing x. 9. Lovely colors of culture! The major attribute of Ojionu is creative non-stop dancing. Usman himself retired in 1811 to concentrate on the intellectual direction of the movement, which followed the teachings of the Qadiri brotherhood and strict adherence to the Maliki code of laws. I love watching this kind of festivals it looks a lot of fun. Many Nigerian peoples did not develop centralized monarchical states. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Fulani ascendancy at Ilorin cut off the supply of horses to Oyo and made the defense of the capital untenable. Most Igbo traditionally have been subsistence farmers, their staples being yams, cassava, and taro.The other crops they grow include corn (maize), melons, okra, pumpkins, and beans.Among those still engaged in agriculture, men are chiefly responsible for yam cultivation, women for other crops. As a custom in Igbo land, the Umunne will surely come to one's aid. This is a really unique festival. Ekpe:  The Ekpe masquerade is popular among the Igbo of Abia State, Enugu state and Ebonyi State. What an amazing blend of culture, history and celebration. 99% of igbo gals loves money, each state has their good & bad side. 8. Wow! We have nothing like that here! 2. In spite of the external threat from the Fulani and others, the conflicts could not be resolved. Large groups of people from Oyo had to migrate southward, where they established a new capital (at present-day Oyo) and other centres such as Ibadan and Ijaye. In the process Islam was revived in Borno, and the old Seyfawa dynasty was eventually replaced by that of Shehu Muḥammad al-Kānemī. 17. It goes around making proverbs and speaking parables, while its followers and the audience applaud it. I love how creative the masquerades are. Disputes within or between emirates were referred to Sokoto for settlement by officials who traveled as often as possible to oversee developments. The collapse of the Oyo empire unleashed a major redistribution of the Yoruba people and precipitated a series of Yoruba wars that lasted until 1886. URHOBO LADIES ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. Omewaluigwe: The Omewaluigwe on its own side is a wise masquerade in the sense that it is known for its talkative nature. Below are the Top 25 Most Popular  Igbo Masquerades. Udo Akpu Enyi: The Okwomma is the type that carries a cutlass, well sharpened. This is interesting. The Ekpe masquerade is popular among the Igbo of Abia State, Enugu state and Ebonyi State. Of these, the Igbo were probably the most remarkable because of the size of their territory and the density of population. What a great breakdown of this tradition.

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