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T'Challa turns down an offer of alliance and Fury assembles the Avengers once again.

It is a loose adaptation of the Ultimate Marvel comic book limited series The Ultimates that follows the origins of the Avengers … [6], Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow,[19] tentatively titled Teen Avengers then Avengers Reborn, is the fifth movie in the Marvel Animated Features,[6] and was released on September 2, 2008.

[24] It was the second film produced by Madhouse. Iron Man travels alone to divert the crashing mothership away from the city, draining his life support. [16] The double feature was released on DVD, Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, and Blu-ray.

Preliminary work had begun on "Teen Avengers" before January 18, 2007.
Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, screenwriters for both episodes, are veteran comic book writers and well-versed in the world of the X-Men, and as such seem to have injected Wolverine with a bit more energy. [30] Fred Tatasciore repeats as the Hulk from the Ultimate Avengers movies. "[39] Todd Gilchrist of IGN said that "there are some great details that really bring this story to life," concluding that the film is "not quite invincible, but for a film about a guy made out of iron, it's pretty tough. "[37] Marc Kandel of eFilmCritic.com said, "Turns out the sequel's just as bland as the first. Black Panther allows only Captain America into the city, where he reveals that the Chitauri are searching for the "Heart of Wakanda". In the fortified African nation of Wakanda, the inhabitants of the small city-nation welcome home T'Challa, the son of king T'Chaka. [24][31] The Hulk was sent to a harsh planet where he is enslaved as he was weakened because of the travel through space.

Bruce Banner works out that the gamma radiated from the Hulk is what caused the vibranium in the Chitauri ships to become brittle, and lets Betty use a gamma generator to attack the aliens close range. [18] In Hulk vs. Thor, Thor's villainous half-brother Loki teams up with Enchantress in order to use the Hulk against him. [28] The film was released on August 8, 2006. Marvel Animated Features (MAF) is a series of eight direct-to-video animated films made by MLG Productions, a joint venture between Marvel Studios (later Marvel Animation) and Lions Gate Entertainment.

It's a movie trapped in between target audiences.

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"[45], Felix Vasquez Jr. of Cinema Crazed said, "[This is] the antithesis of what should be done to grab new demographics.
[12] Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme tells the story of Dr. Steven Strange, an unhappy neurosurgeon who falls victim to a car crash that injures the nerves in his hands, such that he can no longer perform surgery. Betty and the revived Wasp take a jet to Wakanda and give Iron Man the gamma generator to attack the inside of the mothership. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

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