Eventually, Logan introduced Sundance to Butch Cassidy, and he officially joined up with the Wild Bunch. Some were married, some were single.

In 1892, however, the Sundance Kid was named a suspect following an 1892 train robbery at Malta, Montana. Sundance, according to one version, married Etta and lived for years in Mexico and New Mexico and then died in 1957 at the age of 96. Harry Long, Copyright © 1999-2020 thewildwest.org. George Parker (Butch’s real name, according to the Pinkertons’ wanted posters), Harry A. Often, proceeds from the robberies Cassidy took part in went to needy families, earning him the title of the "Robin Hood of the West." Finally, the men found what they were looking for in the way of "Lewis" Curry, aka Lonny Logan, whom they tracked to a small town in Kansas. "How did that rumor get started?" Cassidy purchased cattle, sheep and horses, and built a cozy cabin for the three to live in. Although Cassidy told Richards he was far more interested in robbing banks than stealing horses, the governor released him anyway—upon a promise from Cassidy that he would leave Wyoming banks alone. As romantic sounding as her moniker is, Etta Place (shown here as portrayed by Elizabeth Montgomery in the 1974 movie Mrs. Sundance) was not the lady's real name.

Because Pinkerton's believed the story was true, historians believed it too. Neighbors recalled liking the threesome, noting they were "law-abiding citizens." There, they purchased a 12,000 acre ranch in the Cholila Valley. Because of his family ties and his reputation as a robber rather than a killer, Butch Cassidy especially was able to retain relationships with "respectable" folks. Although hundreds of new clues and evidence has surfaced regarding the deaths of Cassidy and Sundance, no solid conclusions have been reached. portrait taken at a photography studio in Fort Worth, Texas, won four Oscars and was nominated for best picture. Neither outlaw claimed the other as his partner, but the two were somehow thrown together. Among those newspapers to report the incident was the Telluride Daily Journal in Colorado, where a young Cassidy Cassidy had robbed his first bank back in 1889. In her book, The Wild Bunch at Robber's Roost, author Pearl Baker wrote that Etta Place was the only second woman to appear at Robber's Roost in 1896. It was the last time anyone would hear any official news about the mysterious Etta Place.

Lawmen entered the house and found the bandits, who appeared to have committed a murder-suicide. Frank Smith Butch Cassidy The film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” depicted their deaths in Bolivia.

But as much as Sundance sported a reputation as a gunfighter, Neil Patrick and other sources confirm that as far as anyone knows, he never killed anyone during his time with the Wild Bunch. When he learned he was wanted for the Wilcox train robbery, he "shut up like a clam.". Baker also said Place was Butch Cassidy's girlfriend first before falling for Sundance, although some dispute this. But then law enforcement decided to put a stop to their outlaw ways and break up the Wild Bunch—permanently. After the shootout, "The corpses were laid out in the patio and later buried in the cemetery." Cassidy and Sundance fled to Bolivia together. Eckhardt said there were "historical indications" that Cassidy managed a ranch in New Mexico in the late 1920s. In the years since the movie was released, dozens upon dozens of books and articles have been written about Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Etta Place, the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang, and the Wild Bunch, as well as the group's other members. It would be two more years before authorities could put their finger on any of the bandits. With or without the gang, each member of the Wild Bunch had a gentlemen's agreement to never betray one another.

But the Pinkerton's Agency, angered over the Wilcox robbery and tired of the Wild Bunch's antics, set out for Cassidy and Sundance with a vengeance. He took part in an aborted train robbery in 1887 but robbed banks in Denver and Telluride.At first, he used the alias of George Cassidy but after working at a butcher shop in Rock Springs, Wyoming, he became known as Butch Cassidy which stayed with him for the rest of his life.Butch switched from honest labor (mine employee, butcher, cowboy) to outlaw activities, and became part of an outlaw stronghold of brown’s Hole, a rugged mountain camp at the Green River, bordering Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. The film also catapulted actors Paul Newman (as Cassidy) and Robert Redford (as Sundance) to stardom. An excellent marksman, the Sundance Kid sported a more reckless reputation than his easy-going counterpart. Technical Specs, Tent Rocks, Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, USA, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, Chama, New Mexico, USA, Eaves Movie Ranch - 105 Rancho Alegre Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Rancho de las Golondrinas - 334 Los Pinos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, THE MOST UNNECESSARY, UNASKED FOR, UNWANTED SEQUELS OF ALL TIME. Pinkerton Detectives used the photo to close in on the gang.In late 1901, Butch, Sundance and Sundance’s mistress, Etta Place, sailed to South America, where it is believed they operated a ranch in Argentina before resorting to bank and train robbery. In about 1882, the 15-year-old headed west with his cousin in a covered wagon, according to writer Neil Patrick. Members of the Wild Bunch were comprised of unemployed cowboys, misfits, outlaws, and others who favored hanging out at their hideout, a place called Hole-in-the-Wall, in a remote section of Wyoming (per Atlas Obscura). It was there that he met Harry Longabaugh – better known as “The Sundance Kid” – and other members of the camp who eventually formed ‘ The Wild Bunch” gang.Butch was sentenced to two years in the Wyoming State Prison in 1892 for cattle rustling.

The two men came from diverse backgrounds: Cassidy was raised as Robert LeRoy Parker at his Mormon family's ranch in Utah. Soon afterwards, stories began circulating that the outlaws had returned to the United States. Anne Meadows also found that Sundance and Place checked into the Hotel Europa upon their arrival, and that Sundance opened a bank account amounting to about $12,000. But Place fails to appear in any documents related to Fannie Porter, and dogged research by authors like Donna Ernst (who married into the lineage of the Sundance Kid) has failed to turn up any hard evidence.

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