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TWAICE accelerates the transition to emission-free mobility and green energy.
The predictive analytics software optimizes the development and operation of lithium-ion batteries.
TWAICE Battery Capacity
As the leading battery analytics software TWAICE increases the lifetime, efficiency and sustainability of the products that power the economy of tomorrow.
TWAICE Co-CEOs & Founders Stephan Rohr and Michael Baumann
TWAICE Stephan Rohr
TWAICE Co-CEO Stephan Rohr
TWAICE Michael Baumann
TWAICE Co-CEO Michael Baumann
TWAICE Founders
TWAICE Founders Michael Baumann & Stephan Rohr
TWAICE Management
TWAICE Management with Co-CEO Stephan Rohr, CPO Svea Kübler & Co-CEO Michael Baumann
TWAICE combines deep battery knowledge and artificial intelligence to determine the condition of batteries.
In electric vehicles, TWAICE optimizes the use of batteries throughout the entire life cycle.
The predictive analytics software makes complex battery systems more transparent, effective, and reliable.
TWAICE battery testing and simulation
With its superior in-house testing facilities TWAICE offers a holistic service for battery analytics.
The TWAICE battery laboratories generate test data fast, and calibrate the own software to electric, thermal and aging behavior patterns.
The battery laboratories empower both the cloud analytics platform and the battery model library of TWAICE.