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Drive your energy storage business

TWAICE enables you to enhance your battery game – generate more value with your energy storage with our analytics software


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Improved operating strategies

Lower operating costs and warranty tracking

Extended lifetime

With our energy solutions you can operate your energy storage flexibly to achieve best returns while protecting warranty coverage and battery health with predictive battery analytics software

  • React to changing market and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure the optimal utilization of manufacturer warranties
  • Reduce operational friction with real-time battery insights

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Webinar with Munich RE

The global battery energy storage system (BESS) market is booming, but there are still a significant number of factors limiting that growth.

Battery analytics can eliminate a significant portion of project risk, making the project easier to insure and simplifying economics.

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Use Cases

Our solutions to your needs

Health Monitoring

Get the best out of your energy storages


  • Lacking transparency about battery health and lifetime threatening expected investment returns
  • While plenty of data is available, key levers for storage optimization are unknown due to limited processing and analytics capabilities
  • No single source of truth for battery insights across the portfolio of different storage types exists



  • Real-time monitoring of storage KPIs
  • AI-powered analytics for precise state of health (SoH) estimations and predictions
  • All storage KPIs at a glance and comparable across storages of different providers

Warranty Management

Be on track with your warranties


  • Complex and individual warranty conditions depending on the manufacturer and use case
  • Manual tests and analyses are required to generate transparency on the warranty status
  • Warranty coverage is at risk when the operating strategy is changed



  • Manage all warranty conditions in one place with a central contract database to reduce the time for manually searching and assessing your warranties
  • Simulate the impact of different operating strategies on warranty coverage and automate the tracking of and alerting on each battery’s warranty status based on field data
  • Leverage an extensive data set on warranty parameters to claim compensation for underperforming batteries early and from a strong negotiating position

Operating Strategy Planning

Optimize profit with battery analytics


  • No insights into the degradation impact of different operating strategies
  • Lacking transparency on costs of cycling puts profitability at risk and prevents selection of best strategy
  • Market and regulatory environments are volatile requiring asset managers to be able to flexibly change operating strategies



  • Assess impact of any operating profile on the battery’s health for full cost transparency to select the most lucrative operating strategy
  • Set the most profitable operating constraints for your control algorithms based on the assessment of the true cycling costs to boost overall profitability