Build Better Batteries Faster

We support with virtual battery models during battery development and help our customers to validate battery systems faster and enable longer lifetime of their products.

Digital Twins for Development and Production

Faster Battery Development

TWAICE’s solution enables online analysis of in-vehicle battery behavior and provides trustworthy battery metrics. Thus, our software helps to reduce lab testing time.

Test and Validate Virtually

Our product enrichs lab and in-vehicle tests with validated battery simulations to reduce testing effort and derive insights, simple and fast.

Reduce Warranty Costs

TWAICE’s solution helps to identify and solve issues before production or even in your customers vehicles.

Our Approach

1. Virtual Battery Model

  • Creation of a battery specific model (electric-thermal and aging system model)
  • Real-time updates with data from Smart Control Unit
  • Improvement of database and model with operational data
  • Semantic battery memory
  • Can be used to simulate battery tests, usage & lifetime

2. Smart Control Unit

  • Deployed as add-on for battery
  • Based on standard components
  • On-board algorithms to calculate parameters (battery state analytics, load characterization etc.)
  • Can control and optimize battery management parameters
  • GSM/WiFi connectivity via (existing) external devices

3. Analytics

  • Real-time analytics & historical battery data in one place
  • Simple status overview over all installed batteries (pack & cell level, error log & customizable alerts)
  • Remote diagnostic option
  • Precise lifetime prediction based on Virtual Battery Model & machine learning
  • Set of lifetime optimized battery management
  • High data security through encryption and password-protected access

From uncertainty to comprehensive decision making

  • Guidance for battery cell choice
  • Evaluation of cooling and system design
  • Battery system benchmarking

Start your digital twin during battery production

  • Include all data sources like battery cell manufacturer, transportation senarios, warehousing etc.
  • Create the battery ID
  • Consider end of line testing parameters

From Lab Testing to Virtual & Fleet Testing

Virtual tests replace costly laboratory testing and in vehicle testing enables fleet testing.

Reduced maintenance and warranty costs

TWAICE entables remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance for your customers batteries.

Develop faster with TWAICE