Go Beyond Monitoring. Predict and Prolong Lifetime.

Our solutions help the owners and operators of electric vehicle fleets. We help to reduce the total costs of ownership, enable a longer battery life and make your battery data accessible everywhere.

One Platform for all Battery Data

We gather data from all your vehicles’ batteries in one place. Based on our adaptive battery models we supply analytics, reports and alerts. Instead of having only limited data, with our solutions we’ll provide you with extensive insights into battery health.

Reduce Downtime

With TWAICE battery data is continuously available and our predictive diagnostics help to increase fleet reliability and reduce downtime.

Longer Battery Lifetime

Our solutions offer continuous feedback and adaptive battery management. TWAICE helps to enable battery lifetime optimized fleet management.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our analytics, on-demand reports and real-time alerts help to increase the performance of batteries and allow for precise calculations of residual value or second life.

Our Approach

1. Virtual Battery Model

  • Creation of battery specific model (electric-thermal and aging system model)
  • Real-time updates with data from Smart Control Unit
  • Improvement of database and model with operational data
  • Semantic battery memory
  • Can be used to simulate battery tests, usage & lifetime

2. Smart Control Unit

  • Deployed as add-on for battery
  • Based on standard components
  • On-unit algorithms to calculate parameters (battery state analytics, load characterization etc.)
  • Can control and optimize battery management parameters
  • GSM/WiFi connectivity via (existing) external devices

3. Analytics

  • Real-time analytics & historical battery data in one place
  • Simple status overview over all installed batteries (pack & cell level, error log & customizable alerts)
  • Remote diagnostic option
  • Precise lifetime prediction based on Virtual Battery Model & machine learning
  • Set of lifetime optimized battery management
  • High data security through encryption and password-protected access

Powerful Diagnostics and Online Analytics

A Unified Dashboard for Asset Values

Compatible with all Major Batteries

Our solutions can be deployed in minutes and are compatible with all major batteries.

Enable Predictive Maintenance and Save Costs

TWAICE replace the fixed maintenance intervals with condition-dependent, predictive maintenance. Our system detects and evaluates battery anomalies.

Enhance Your Fleet with TWAICE