Battery Analytics for Better Quality and a Launch with Confidence

Our solutions help electric vehicle manufacturer with the validation of their battery systems. We enable you to sell software and functionalities as a service to your customers and provide you with continuous insights into your batteries.

Faster Development and Next-Level Insights

Battery data analytics in a turnkey solution leveraging battery domain expertise for pre & post production OEM value. The TWAICE platform offers you accelerated battery development, improved quality, lowered warranty cost and optimized vehicle performance. Our solutions connect you to your batteries globally, 24/7.

Make Better Choices

With TWAICE you can generate battery performance parameters in pre-series validation and qualify your battery system suppliers in a simple way.

Validate and Test Faster

Our solutions enable virtual tests, real-world testing and quicker validation of battery system performance by fleet testing and early evaluation of required performance specifications

New Possibilities

TWAICE software as a service brings customers. It enables higher sales figures and makes new business models like battery leasing a reality.

Decrease Warranty Cost, Increase Customer Satisfaction

Accelerate problem detection and find problems months before they cause warranty claims. Our custom alerts will notify you if battery sensor data from the field shows any malfunctions or anomalies.

Meet and Exceed Quality Performance Targets

Resolve issues with quality and battery functionalities even before they occur and delay the manufacturing process.

A Good Fit to Your Electric Drivetrain.

Our solutions offer additional sensor signals and APIs. Have a look at our products and software solutions to see what suits your need. If you have any questions, contact us.

Predict and Prevent Maintenance

Unlock the power of merging real-world data with models and machine learning. With our solutions we’ll guide you to emerging issues and assist you with early warnings and extensive health reports.

Put Your Customers First