Battery Analytics

Digital Twins
for the Future of Mobility

Our digital twin based battery analytics software helps to increase battery life and reliability while reducing development and testing costs.

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Batteries Need Better Analytics

We build virtual battery models and constantly collect data with our smart control units. Our models enable virtual testing, quicker development and better battery management. On our platform, we provide all battery data in one place, offer on-demand reports, and predictive diagnostics. We simplify battery testing, improve lifetime and prevent downtimes.

Digital Twins to Understand Batteries


We automatically process data from your battery with our smart control units and provide a managed unified collection point.


We use proprietary, industry-leading algorithms to build and update our battery models to give you insights about your batteries.


With our dashboards and analytics, we empower you to derive knowledge from your battery data, helping you to take better decisions fully informed.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Smart Control Unit

Add-on to your battery management system with data puffer to connect data via GSM/WiFi to TWAICE cloud.

Embedded Algorithms

Strong compression of measurement data without information loss and calculation of battery performance values like EIS scan.

Battery Data Management

Secure scalable database tracks all your historic battery data from development, production to operation.

Adaptive Battery Models

Continuous update of easy adjustable cloud-hosted electric-thermal-aging battery model.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Accurate prediction of future model behaviour and identification of lifetime optimized operation conditions and closed-loop feedback.

Analytics Toolset

Data is accessible to plot, compare, and analyze interactively in your web browser. Customizable dashboard make analysis quick and easy.

Our Solutions

Battery Manufacturer

We support with virtual battery models during battery development and help our customers to validate battery systems faster

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Our solutions generate battery performance parameters in pre-series validation and thereby help to shorten development.

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Fleet Operators

We help to reduce the total costs of ownership, enable longer battery life and make battery data accessible everywhere.

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Financial Services

Our solutions provide transparency and failure prevention mechanisms enabling better-value financial service solutions from insurances and leasing companies.

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  • “TWAICE helps companies better understand the state of health of their batteries at any time and can use their data for an optimized sustainable battery usage.”