Digital Twins for the Future of Mobility

TWAICE delivers solutions based on digital twins to reduce battery development and testing costs, increase reliability and lifetime for battery and electric vehicle manufacturers as well as fleet operators

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The New Platform for Battery Data & Algorithms

We build virtual battery models and constantly gather data via our smart control units. With our models, we allow for virtual testing, quicker development and better battery management. On our platform, we provide all battery data in one place, offer on-demand reports, and predictive diagnostics. We simplify battery testing, improve lifetime and prevent downtimes.

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A Complete Solution

With our smart control units, deployed as add-on for your battery, we constantly monitor and optimize battery management parameters. The control unit is connected via GSM/WiFi and on-board algorithms constantly calculate important battery parameters.  Additionally, a specific load characterization is done for each individual application.

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Faster Battery Development & Virtual Testing

Virtual Testing

Virtual test partly replace costly laboratory and real-world testing

Adaptive Models

Our models are quick to adopt and can be trained with additional live data sent from our control units, allowing faster and more cost-effective testing.


Plan and compare new battery packs with existing data

The TWAICE Difference

Closed-Loop: Real World Update of Cloud deployed Models and Holistic Machine Learning

Most analytics are based on measurement data and condition-based data analytics. But customers need continuously updated models to generate accurate predictions and optimizations. Our battery models, which act & age like the counterpart real world battery system paired with machine learning analytics predict the probability that batteries will fail further into the future, with greater accuracy and confidence – extending your batteries useful life and outcompete your competition.

  • “TWAICE helps companies better understand the state of health of their batteries at any time and can use their data for an optimized sustainable battery usage.”