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Instant access to a wide range of battery simulation models

The TWAICE Battery Model Library provides access to numerous high-fidelity electrical, thermal, and aging battery cell models of the latest lithium-ion battery cells on the market


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A wide range of high-quality cell simulation models availabel

Battery Simulation

Simulate the performance and lifetime of a battery cell

Virtual Testing

Select best cell and optimal system design for your specific use case


Coupled electrical-thermal aging model

Virtual testing suite

  • Usage profile data uploader
  • Virtual BMS
  • Usage profile generator

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Battery model library one-pager

Get all the information about the model library in one place

  • Overview
  • Use cases
  • Selected product features

Product Description

Learn more about the model library

use cases

Learn more about the applications of the model library

Cell Qualification

Find the best cell for your application


  • Different cells suit different applications
  • Datasheets only provide an incomplete picture of the battery behavior
  • Testing all available cells for specific use cases is not feasibile



  • Instantly download a wide range of cell models
  • Virtually test performance and lifetime for different cells in specific use scenarios to identify ideal cell

Battery System Design

Avoid oversizing


  • Battery performance requirements must be met
  • The battery design must ensure safe operation over the entire lifetime
  • Difficult assessment of impact of different use cases of battery performance over lifetime



  • Virtually test different use cases & configurations to find the optimal system design and meet requirements
  • Simulate different use cases and designs to strike the balance between desired performance and optimal costs

Application Design

Develop better battery systems


  • Assess the interaction of different components for the overall system
  • Deduct optimal component requirements
  • Currently only generic battery models available which insufficiently model the behavior



  • Use a parametrized battery model in the overall system simulation
  • Virtually test interdependencies to derive system requirements more accurately

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