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They may not catch your eye like the Tesla in the neighbor’s driveway or the growing number of vehicles with an “E” at the end of their license number, but increasingly more public transport vehicles are going electric. In 2019, more than 1600 electric buses were introduced in the EU, 187 of which in Germany – and the trend is on the up. Pollution in cities and towns is the oft-cited reason for the transition from old diesel machines to clean e-buses. But many transport companies are still skeptical, their primary worry being the expense of the batteries.

Collective value of 100 e-bus batteries exceeds 10 million euro

Differing use applications, driver profiles and environmental conditions can all significantly influence the longevity and performance of batteries. This can adversely impact warranties as well as insurance coverage. As the collective value of an e-bus fleet’s batteries comprises millions of euros, the issue of sustainable asset management is the highest priority for transport companies and fleet operators.

Eliminate fleet management guesswork with battery data

Rules of thumb about battery health prevail in the industry, but at the end of the day, these are only recommendations. Examples include not parking in the sun or in cold temperatures or avoiding fast charging where possible. The integration of battery analytics can transform these sketchy presumptions into precise measures for optimization.

TWAICE’s predictive analytic software gives fleet managers the transparency they need to leave guesswork behind. TWAICE leverages deep battery know-how and advanced AI to generate fundamental insights into the health and remaining lifetime of the batteries they use. Furthermore, specific use instructions to optimize performance and duration can be derived, thus enhancing battery longevity.


TWAICE and ViriCiti join forces to provide battery analytics for fleet managers

Fleet operators and OEMs can now seamlessly access TWAICE’s comprehensive battery analytics as an integrated part of ViriCiti’s fleet management dashboard. The Dutch company is the leading telematics provider for e-buses and is already delivering its fleet management solutions to over 3500 buses and charging stations. TWAICE uses the extensive data from ViriCiti’s telematics units to produce comprehensive analyses of fleet battery health. Customers access the TWAICE battery data analysis and simulations via a Battery Health add-on to the ViriCiti dashboard.

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Battery health transparency enables extended warranties and increased residual values

There are numerous advantages to augmenting fleet management with battery analytics. Customers receive precise data on their batteries’ state of health (SoH) with predictions of remaining capacity and range. Another parameter, inner resistance, provides insights into battery performance and charging limitations. The TWAICE software shows the state and remaining useful lifetime across a range of OEMs and battery types in one platform – cumbersome comparison of different data sources becomes obsolete. The simulations, furthermore enable, a quick overview of the impact of different operating and use scenarios. An application-oriented interpretation of the data shows in which use phases the battery is under particular stress. Once the optimal operating strategy has been found, the TWAICE real-time analytics guarantees reliable and safe usage of the battery. Before a vehicle service, TWAICE’s predictions identify the battery components with the highest likelihood of failure, thereby enabling timely and targeted maintenance. The optimization in battery use and maintenance increases usage durations by up to 25%.

With complete transparency of battery use as well as valuable insights into different technologies fleet operators can reduce their investment costs by as much as 15%.


TWAICE provides predictive analytics software that optimizes the development and operation of lithium-ion batteries. TWAICE’s core technology is the digital twin – a software that combines deep battery knowledge and artificial intelligence to determine the condition and predict the aging and performance of batteries. This makes complex battery systems more transparent, effective, and reliable. As the leading battery analytics software for global players in the mobility and energy sectors, TWAICE is committed to increasing the lifetime, efficiency, and sustainability of the products that power the economy of tomorrow.

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About ViriCiti

ViriCiti started in 2012 with a focus on electric buses and trucks and is now market leader in the United States and Europe, with over 3500 buses and chargers connected to its platform. Recently we have launched the largest Smart Charging project in the world, outside of China. ViriCiti has integrated with a number of charging station manufacturers, including Tritium, Proterra, ABB, Siemens, Heliox, and many more. Also, our solutions are used by more than 200+ fleet operators and OEMs worldwide, including trailblazing public transport agencies such as BVG, Keolis, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), New York MTA, LA DoT, and Transdev.

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Author: TWAICE

Published: 15 December 2020

Location: Munich