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Fleet Solutions

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Operational Insights

Assess battery degradation drivers and derive optimal operating strategies

Health Predictions

Receive real-time updates about battery health and remaining useful lifetime

Investment Planning

Take investment decisions based on actual battery performance with our fleet solutions

Battery health solution for fleet operation

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Eliminate Guesswork with data

Webinar with ViriCiti

E-fleet telematics solution provider ViriCiti and battery health experts TWAICE talk about battery degradation, predicting battery lifetime, and optimizing battery usage.

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Use Cases

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Warranty Management

Reduce risk of high guarantee costs with our fleet solutions


  • Battery performance and longevity is strongly influenced by environmental conditions
  • Excessive charging behavior negatively affects battery aging
  • Warranty conditions are often complex and tied to specific usage patterns



  • Manage all warranty conditions in one place with a central warranty contract database to reduce the time for manually searching, assessing, and processing your warranties
  • Automate the tracking of each battery’s warranty status based on field data and get alerted for critical conditions to protect your warranty claims
  • Leverage an extensive data set on warranty relevant parameters to claim compensation for underperforming or defective batteries early with a strong negotiating position

Operation & Maintenance

Leave guesswork behind


  • Uncertainties about battery condition
  • Not enough data available for optimized operation and usage recommendations



  • Precise data on batteries’ state of health and predictions of remaining capacity and range
  • Insights into battery performance and charging limitations
  • Usage recommendations for drivers and depot managers to optimize lifetime
  • Preventive maintenance by alerting the depot or workshop about immanent failures

Purchasing Decisions

Take the right action


  • Uncertainties about conditions of batteries across the vehicle portfolio, e.g. range or capacity
  • Benchmarking of critical battery data across different manufacturers is cumbersome



  • All battery KPIs at a glance and comparable across vehicles of different providers
  • Make right purchasing decisions and bridge information asymmetries in negotiation with transparency into batteries and easy benchmarking

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