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Increasing importance of LFP batteries – Spotlight on implications arising for battery operation

26 July 2022, 5 p.m. CEST

Batteries are an integral part of the transition to green energy, both for the automotive sectors transition to e-mobility, and for the transition to generating electricity from more reliable and sustainable technologies. As renewable energy sources as solar and wind are intermittent and therefore unreliable power sources, energy must be stored to certain periods of time. The two main technologies used in the field of stationery energy storages are NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) and LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate).

Some of the questions that will be discussed are:

  • Why are LFP cells growing in popularity?
  • What implications has this on battery operation?
  • Can we sill trust the state of charge?
  • How can battery analytics help?

Location: online

Date and Time: July 26, 2022 - 5:00 PM