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  • TWAICE Predictive Analytics Software

    Optimize your battery usage and increase its lifetime.

  • TWAICE Battery Simulation Models

    Develop or choose the right battery for your use case.

In a nutshell

The TWAICE Predictive Battery Analytics Platform provides cutting-edge battery analytics solutions across different industries to monitor, analyze and optimize the operation of Li-ion batteries. Based on deep battery knowledge, AI and Machine Learning, the TWAICE Analytics Cloud processes real-life battery data into actionable insights. TWAICE Predictive Analytics is designed to transform batteries from black-box units to transparent and valuable assets enabling and ensuring your successful electrification. TWAICE analytics results are accessible intuitively anytime from anywhere via the TWAICE UI or the TWAICE API which smoothly integrates into any battery monitoring and management solution.

Selected features

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remaining Useful Lifetime Prediction
  • Warranty Manager
  • Performance Analytics
  • Failure Probability Prediction

Remote Monitoring

Monitor all battery information such as operation parameters, utilization, and uptime in one place. Receive immediate notifications upon malfunction, warning, or restriction of availability.

Remaining Useful Lifetime Prediction

Get a prediction of remaining battery lifetime based on usage scenarios. Evaluate remaining cycles, operating hours or kilometers for given indications of accuracy and confidence.

Warranty Manager

Track the batteries’ warranty status to maximize uptime, manage warranty claims efficiently and ensure full transparency of warranty costs.

Performance Analytics

Access information on real-time usable performance with continuous determination of impedance development over time/cycles down to cell level.

Failure Probability Prediction

Manage your assets pro-actively by getting notified of potential failures well in advance, customizable to your real-time monitoring needs.

Your benefits

A holistic approach – know what is happening inside your battery, from milliseconds to years

All aspects of state-of-the-art battery analytics covered: simulation of electrical-thermal behavior, dynamically combined with aging simulation

Highest accuracy and robustness – enjoy the best of both worlds

Hybrid modelling approach through a combination of physical modelling based on deep battery expertise and the utilization of machine learning

Flexible and configurable – adapt it to your needs

Customized alerts, limits and thresholds to your specific application

Quickly deployed, improved day-by-day – no need to think about updates

Quick deployment of our Software as a Service offering and continuous improvements and enhancements with new features


In a nutshell

TWAICE Battery Simulation Models are high-precision, physical simulation models of lithium-ion batteries. Mirroring the real battery, they speed up system design and replace lengthy testing cycles. TWAICE Simulation Models are quickly and easily deployed and integrate seamlessly into any research and development process. Parametrized in our TWAICE laboratory, the models are custom fit to the specific application ensuring highest accuracy.

Selected features

  • Simulation of electrical-thermal behavior
  • Simulation of remaining storable energy
  • Simulation of remaining accessible power
  • Simulation of remaining useful cycles

Simulation of electrical-thermal behavior

Speed up system design by simulating the voltage and temperature cell behavior for given power and ambient temperature profiles.

Simulation of remaining storable energy

Keep your system design promises, simulate the cell capacity loss over time for given stress profiles and learn how your battery will degrade.

Simulation of remaining accessible power

Know the system’s power capabilities via a simulation of the cell resistance increase over time.

Simulation of remaining useful cycles

Optimize the system design to the application – simulate the number of available cell charging and discharging cycles over time for given stress profiles and select just the right size required to fulfill the requirements.

Your benefits

Simple and fast deployment – get started right away

Fast delivery due to TWAICE’s proprietary parametrization techniques and a comprehensive battery library

Universal integration – concentrate on the important things

Easy integration (drag and drop) into your simulation environment and visualization in the tool of your choice

Intuitive configuration – make it your model

Setting of initial conditions is intuitive and comfortable using the TWAICE GUI

One-stop-shop for battery analytics – rely on one partner

TWAICE offers the complete solution of battery analytics including laboratory measurements in our own testing facilities


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