Software for a battery-driven future

10 February 2022, 4.00 – 20.30 p.m. CET/ 9.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. CST

„To survive the next five years, manufacturers must get the SOFTWARE surrounding batteries right. No matter whether the battery is intended for vehicles, energy storages or other applications. Are YOU using the right software to generate the value of a lifetime?“

Find out more at the first TWAICE Vision – a battery software conference, created by experts for experts.

We will take you on an interactive journey presenting and sharing the value of software at key stages along the battery lifecycle.

Keynote Speakers:

Jeff Dahn

Jeff Dahn is recognized as one of the pioneering developers of the lithium-ion battery that is now used worldwide in laptop computers and cell-phones. Dahn’s recent work has concentrated on increasing the energy density, improving the lifetime and lowering the cost of lithium ion batteries. He is the author of over 750 refereed journal papers and co-inventor of 73 inventions with patents issued or filed.

Gerard Reid

Gerard Reid is a Co-founder and Partner at Alexa Capital, and a Fellow at the Institute of the Environment at the University of Minnesota and a member of the Global Future Council on Advanced Energy Technologies at the World Economic Forum. He is focused on empowering and accelerating change by advising organizations, industry leaders and global decision makers (business, finance and government) on the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions. 

Christophe Pillot

Christophe has built up considerable expertise in the area of the battery markets. He joined AVICENNE 30 years ago and has vast experience in marketing, strategy analysis, technology, and financial studies for the battery and power management fields. He developed the battery market analysis for AVICENNE, which has over 300 customers worldwide. Christophe is the founder & chairman of Batteries Congress in France since 1999, and is now Director of AVICENNE ENERGY.

Agenda highlights include:

  • Current use cases by leading industry partners (Munich Re, VERBUND, Rimac, Analog Devices, Inc.)
  • Market predictions and analyses
  • Panel discussion on battery ecosystems

Key Info:

  • Thursday, 10th February 2022
  • Starting at 4.00 p.m. CET/9.00 a.m. CST
  • Live digital event

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More about TWAICE

TWAICE is a rapidly growing software provider solving essential challenges around the battery in electric vehicles and energy storage. Since its naissance in 2018, TWAICE has dedicated itself to increasing the lifetime, safety, and efficiency of batteries. The company strives to accelerate the transition to emission-free mobility and energy for customers across the battery value chain.

More about TWAICE Vision

TWAICE is part of a wide community of speakers at battery-related events around the world. We thrive on the exchange of knowledge with other industry leaders. This experience led us to create a unique event: an annual forum where we bring thinkers and doers together to discuss the vision of a battery-driven future. Anyone who cares about batteries as much as we do is welcome.

Location: Virtual event

Date and Time: February 10, 2022 - 4:00 PM