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Press Release

Verbund uses TWAICE software for optimal operation of its stationary battery storage systems

VERBUND, Austria’s leading energy company, is using TWAICE’s analytics software for battery-powered electricity storage applications. The TWAICE Operating Strategy Planner simulates the impact of different operating strategies on battery aging, giving storage operators an advantage in the volatile market of power generation and marketing. Predicting and evaluating battery aging through TWAICE’s analytics software also reduces the risk of violating warranty terms. 

Achieving predictability and profitability in a dynamic yet risk-averse market requires transparency into all contributing factors. With the help of holistic battery analytics from TWAICE, all players along the energy industry value chain, meaning operators, asset owners and integrators of battery storage systems, can better face their challenges, optimizing storage design and operating strategies. The clearer the view of the exact condition of the electricity storage system, its remaining service life, and future performance, the more accurate future strategies can be developed.   

With TWAICE’s Operating Strategy Planner, VERBUND can overview the respective KPIs, upload user-defined load profiles, retrieve predefined profiles and export the data resulting from the analyses. This insight into battery aging empowers VERBUND to accurately estimate costs and no longer just choose the highest-revenue operating strategy, but the most profitable one. The software also enables VERBUND to continuously monitor actual battery aging and take timely countermeasures if storage capacity or performance deviates from the ideal.  

The stress factor analysis of the Operating Strategy Planner also provides valuable insights for the development of next-gen storages. VERBUND achieves greater flexibility and profitability with the new evidence base. 


TWAICE provides predictive analytics software that optimizes the development and operation of lithium-ion batteries. TWAICE’s core technology is the digital twin – a software that combines deep battery knowledge and artificial intelligence to determine the condition and predict aging and performance of batteries. This makes complex battery systems more transparent, effective and reliable. As the leading battery analytics software for global players in the mobility and energy sectors, TWAICE is committed to increasing the lifetime, efficiency and sustainability of the products that power the economy of tomorrow.

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VERBUND is Austria’s leading energy company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. The company generates around 95 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources, primarily hydropower. VERBUND trades electricity in 12 countries and generated annual sales of around €3.2 billion in 2020 with around 2,900 employees. With subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND is active in everything from electricity generation and transport to international trading and sales. VERBUND has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988; 51% of the share capital is owned by the Republic of Austria.  

As one of the most environmentally friendly energy companies in Europe, VERBUND makes a significant contribution to security of supply and is particularly committed to climate and environmental protection as well as resource conservation and takes social responsibility. Sustainability is a key component of the corporate strategy. VERBUND is working intensively on the expansion of renewable energy sources and is thus making a significant contribution to a low-carbon energy future. VERBUND is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and supports the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More at: 


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Author: TWAICE

Published: 5 October 2021

Location: Munich